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Monaco Race Thread

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Yes, Nelsinho always provides some entertainment, even when it's not his fault.

Boooooringggggg, so f****** boooring .....

Bring on the Indy 500, hope it will be a better race.

The new rules haven't worked at all, and the championship got boring as hell.

Yes, Indy 500 will surely be much better, with all the spec cars and tiny budgets.

:lol: Jenson Button's Jog of Honor was class, who need's donuts or flags, just make the winner jog down the Start / Finish straight for the fans :lol:

Brilliant race, not the most entertaining ... I was hoping Fisichella would score a point or 2, ah well, maybe next year

Yes, Jenson showing off how fit he is, even if he did look a bit crazy, running like a man possessed. Kimi looked ill, as he usually does whenever he has to push hard for consecutive laps.

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You scored 0 in this round, giving you a total of 1240 points.

You are currently 210th on the leaderboard.

Your position on the leaderboard before this round was 83rd.

oops - miss one round of picking and you drop like a stone.

any how - I fear Vettel may have put pay to his championship hopes yesterday. The Brawns and Ferrari's had the edge, but 4 points would have been better than none.

nice to see ferrari back near the top, but the brawns still had the edge.

it's not just going to require some amazing development from another team to beat button now, it will also require...

i) amazing development from only 1 team (if more than 1 driver shares the spoils they won't catch button)

ii) some **** ups from button (he seems to be handling the pressure fairly well right now - if he continues, there's no chance of him loosing).

as always, I'll wait for the next few races, but it's starting to get too late to say 'it's still early in the season'. if the difference wasn't 38pts (between button and vettel), then okay, but it is. 3 more races and we're past mid season at which point redbull or ferrari would have to start dominating as much as the brawns have done for the first half. i don't see that happening.

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Well done Jenson, the best job of the lot, probably. Raikkonen was on form, for the first time since..maybe Spa last year? Either way, it's always good fun when he is driving well. Rosberg getting past Massa was fun, as was Naki hitting the barriers on the last lap. Nice. Vettel is really losing sight of this title now, Button is edging nearer. Could all be over in the next 3 races.

Other than that, a fairly boring race, as usual from Monaco.

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