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Mika's break, a comparison between Trulli and Kimi

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I do believe that Mika's taking a break from F1, though saddening for his fans like me, will help him return rejuvenated to F1, which is precisely what I personally want. To see the press go at him like a pack of wolves, seems totally irrational. There are a lot of unnnecessary columns on him, which hardly reflect on the fact that he was a two time world champoin, which hin no way is a mean achievement byu itself. Coming to the point of Trulli replacing Hakkinen, I do believe that Trulli is good, but has anybody here noticed the way Kimi Raikkonen of Sauber has driven. Given a noticeably laggard car, he has consistently outshone Button, senior to him at Sauber. He has consistently done well and I think is as subdued in his driving style as Mika is. Trulli for all his brilliance, is a flashy driver, and that with a car like McLaren spells trouble. In my humble opinion Kimi would be a better candidate for Mika's place. I see in Kimi a future world champ. Does anyone else here too?

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