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Toward the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty(25-220) China was war-stricken. After a royal edict to recruit soldiers in Zhuozhou, three heroes surfaced. One was Liu Bei, a descendent of Liu Sheng, Prince Jin of Zhongshan during the Han Dynasty. Liu Bei was sighing while reading the posted edict when he heard an impatient voice behind, “ What use is just sighing, without a man's devotion to his country?”

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  then the man introduced himself:Wow power leveling “I'm Zhang Fei and my livelihood is selling wine and slaughtering hogs.”

“I do want to devote myself to the country,” Liu explained after telling Zhang his name. “But how can I help if I'm empty handed?”

“You needn't worry,” said Zhang. “I'm willing to give up my fortune to build an army and embark on this new career with you.”

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  While the two talked merrily over cups in a small restaurant,aion kinah in came a martial looking, handsome man with a huge build and a red complexion. Liu and Zhang invited him to join them. They learned that the man was named Guan Yu. As he had upheld justice by killing a local tyrant, he had fled home and wandered about for many years. During an amiable conversation the three found that they shared a common ambition and the next day in a peach garden they swore brotherhood to heaven and earth before lit candles and joss sticks, Liu Bei the eldest, Guan Yu the second-oldest and Zhang Fei the youngest.

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They vowed devotion to China.Designer Glasses Later, the three sworn brothers had successful career. Liu Bei ascended to the throne of the State of Shu in 221A.D in present-day Sichuan.Liu Bei captured an excellent horse in a battle. When Liu Biao marveled at the steed, Liu Bei gave it to him as a gift. Under Liu Biao, there was a horse expert who said, “This horse, though excellent, tends to harm its owner; you'd better return it to Liu Bei.” Following the expert's advice,

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Liu Biao returned the horse to Liu Bei.cheap aion kinah Liu Biao's wife Cai and her brother had long wished to Xiangyang to meet some officials. Cai and her brother decided it was an good opportunity. They sent troops to guard every city gate except the western one, for outside that gate, the wide Tanxi River, with its rapid water, blocked the road. At the banquet for officials, a man hinted to Liu Bei that Liu Biao planned to kill him.

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Liu Bei followed the man to the back garden,maple story mesos where he whispered into his ear the details of plan Cai and her brother had set. “Every gate but the western one is heavily guarded,” the man added. “The western gate is your only chance.” Alarmed, Liu Bei mounted the horse and fled. Outside the gate the river blocked his way.

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Soldiers were fast approaching. cabal alz Liu Bei whipped the horse like mad, the animal moved forward, but after just a few steps into the river it stumbled. “Surely you harm your master,” Liu Bei cried in despair. At this, oddly, the horse made a vigorous leap to the other side of the river, leaving the soldiers behind. Note: Liu Biao was a governor of Jingzhou and a Han royal family member.

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Can somebody delete this and the spambot please?

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You guys and your obsession with overtaking.

How about better tracks. Just for kicks. Bumpy and slippery sections, awkwardly tilted curves, etc, etc. Plus, imo, chicanes and other track alterations at the start of the weekend so that computer modeling provides less accurate data and the cars are not freakingly modified time and again.

Then, lift specs that don't involve safety issues. Rev up to +30,000 rpm if you can. Let each team do as much as they can budget in any development direction they feel like it. It's their business, after all. Sure, provide an envelop so that the overall dimensions of the cars are within certain logical limits and then let the engineers screw in 7 wheels if they so feel like it. Also, let's see what dynamic aero can do... have a car throw out flaps when breaking and arrow up when on a straight.

For my money, fck the overtaking. Rather, where the fck is the "best in the world" racing that F1 promises yet never delivers? The technology, cash, imagination, and expertise are all there... being wasted.

For once, believe it or not, I completely agree with you. I also think there ought to be a minimum budget requirement of $100m p.a. for new teams to stop jokes like USF1 getting in when Prodrive had the £40m budget required by the FIA, a proven track record in all forms of motor sport and were turned away. I would also accept a lower budget of $70 with teams only allowed to run one car. That would give them time to consolidate and develop. HRT and Virgin, while enthusiastic are going nowhere fast and are an embarrassment to both FOM and the FIA. The idiotic Moseley's plan to make F1 lean and green has borne a grotesque legacy that we are currently watching unfold. F1 is an elite sport and costs a shed load of dosh to be competitive in. Far more than the thrifty Branson would be willing to put up and light years away from any thing HRT [half-arsed replacement team] could possibly hope to raise. I cannot understand why anyone would want to pour money down the drain to be an 'also ran'. It is ludicrous in the extreme. Let's see innovation and ingenuity at any cost with best drivers in the world duelling wheel to wheel and for God's sake, as much testing as you bloody like!

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Dan Gurney (recently) said racecars should have have wings but ground-effects tunnels and spoliers.

And I agree, car like the Arrows A2, Lotus 80/88 are possible today.

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