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Post Race Review, Comments And Talking Points - Canada

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I think people need to get over the whole - oh look he got passed by a Force India, how ironic, oh look he got passed by Buemi how ironic etc. The symbolism is pretty empty, and he did get passed by all kinds of cars in 2005 too, and even 2003 when his team struggled with tyres. What I mean is, he got passed, fine, but it is tiresome to hear the whole meaningless 'oh look a one time great 7 time champion being passed by a lowly ______, that surely is a defining moment bla bla'.

Due to the fact that Brundle complained all the time and the camera didn't stay on him for long, his race driving looked bad, after the race and reading post race comments, doesn't seem it was as bad as it seemed at first. And we should be very very careful to blame a driver for racing - we haven't had too much of that of late, and I would think twice before complaining about a driver actually trying to overtake or not give up his position - that's racing, that's why we watch and that's why despite everything it's good to have the old geezer back.

FYI. I didn't hear Brundle's comments, and I agree that it is stupid to think that being overtaken by an allegedly inferior car/driver automatically means any irony (I said that about Sato overtaking Alonso on a car that was struggling in this same track a few years ago, but obviously everybody thought different as it is still used today as proof of Sato's skills and Alonso uselessness, despite the fact that even I could have gotten past Alonso at that stage :P). If I was looking for a cheap TF1 like taunt I would have chosen both Force Indias overtaking MS and use that as a measure, but at that moment MS was just glad he could finish so there is no glory on that.

I don't think Michael's race was a dismal one, but he certainly was not in on e of his best days, and he was both entertaining (against Kubi and Liuzzi) and sometimes plainly awful (Massa). As for Buemi, I never said "Look, how ironic blah blah blah", I just reckon that Buemi (a driver I am not fond of) made a wonderful overtaking manoeuvre and doing that against Schumi even in a struggling car was a sight to behold. He did it with surgical precision, a la Button and after watching Massa and Kubi fighting hard to get past MS, it was certainly impressive the contrast with his.

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