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Happy Birthday To Steph (Kopite)

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They did! Woohoo!

Thanks Dannyboy, how the driving going? And you getting Black Ops on the 9th? Me am. Me going on PSN again too!

Driving's good, burning a bit of tyre & stalling it but good nonetheless! Hope to get COD on the 9th, mam said she didn't pre-order it but peeped into her wallet & saw the receipt :D ! & it's bout time ye logged onto PSN, been around 3 months since you last logged on!

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Happy birthday Steph, our own forum´s gatubela! And to expend the celebration maure is back! -well we don´t know if it is good or bad... whatever...

Thanks you smooth talking charmer!

Sorry I'm late... Happy Birthday Steph, hope it was a great one? Cheers! :beer22:

Did you get the blow up doll of Jenson I sent you? Sorry it was a bit sticky, devil of a job turning those things inside out y'know :P

I sure did! Did you know it was also able to record voice and noise?

I wondered why it kept saying 'Come on. Take it. Thats right.'


Thanks John me fellow Buttonite!

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Argh, went away for the weekend, got back and I already have to go to bed (parents!).. so just stopping by to wish you a happy birthday and to say that I hope you had a blast! Will read the rest tomorrow XD

Cheers chicka. Dirty weekends are the BEST!! :lol:

A belated happy birthday to you Steph, hope all is well!

Thanks dude and im rockin, how the devil are you?

A belated Happy Birthday, Steph. Hope you had a great day :beer22:

Sorry, I was on holiday in a terribly backwards, technophobe place where people have never seen the likes of broadband, or fast porn, as we know it. A strange land where varying levels of a gob of spit (yes, it is the technical term) are required just to say hello. A place where people don't just talk to you, they sing at the top of their voices. I think it's also called 'Wales'.


Cheers fellow scouse.

Many a hol back in the day in a caravan in Wales. Dad, Mum, and the Clark bunch!


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Sail on. x

You get your own quote box thingy thing.

Thanks Steve xx

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So very glad your here, really am. Thanks dude for the wishes.

How did your niece like her RC car?

You remember (not my niece, though).

It was quite something. I thought I had wrecked the birthday. She wouldn't let go of the thing. Thankfully, the battery gave up after 20 minutes.

Geez, it feels like a million years ago.

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