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There's a big difference, though, between winning a championship in a feeder series that's around two or three tiers below F1 and running a single race, P15, in a series that's two tiers below Sprint Cup. What he did in Europe would be more like winning the ARCA title and going to Sprint Cup after; it would be crazy, for sure, but not unprecedented, and not as ridiculous as diving in after one race that he wasn't that good in....if he's even diving in, because he seems to be waffling now that he's had a wake-up call in the Cup car and realized that even on a road course he's in too deep.

I don't think he did win any feeder championships...if my memory serves, and Martin Brundle wasn't talking bollocks, he had only had seven races....I find that hard to believe, but he did drive past the pitwall in Monaco with his steering wheel in his hand that had come off the steering column waving it at the pit crew in an F3000 car foot to the floor :P

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That cheeky Martin Brundle...well, 23 is still not many....considering most drivers now spend a season in FFord, a season in FRenault, a season in GP3, a season in GP2....as a minimum, not to mention any other classes. So Kimi is unique in that respect.

One of the things Button said after driving a V8 Supercar was just how hard he actually had to drive it to drive it fast...I think he was expecting it would be quite easy, like a family sedan.

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