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<summary: this is Cav's goodbye thread, if you're not interested, pass along thank you>

Well I just got angry over this forum, and I haven't been angry over an internet forum in a long long time. I have never denied I can be rude, condescending, abrasive, impatient and I can't complain if people react to that. I do however take great pride and make great effort to have well thought out opinions and go to huge lengths to get my facts right, and until now, I have never been mocked for that. Until now I felt there was a place for me here as I had something worth saying, and there were people who would read it, and there were some interesting discussions to be had. That's clearly not the case any more, apparently, entertainment consists of winding up someone making a huge effort to get facts right by quoting sources. I admit, that got under my skin in a way nothing else would. And life's too short to let an internet forum do that. If there is no room for serious discussion about F1 here, if pointing out an error, and being right means getting mocked and told I am colour blind, then, this isn't the place for me. I guess I have no sense of humour

At the start of last year, the Sunday Times rated this site and this forum as one of the top 5 Formula 1 sites on the internet:

"It’s the buzzing forum here that gets you hooked. Dive in and stir it up in debates ranging from season predictions to rule changes, and a hundred other hot topics."

I wonder what they would say now..

As a parting gift, I have updated the 'Consolidated F1 Resource Thread' for anyone who still cares. Someone else will have to update it in the future.

This is goodbye. I won't be back, this isn't temporary, and I have no grand delusions about how much everyone will miss me. There's some good people here that I have really enjoyed my discussions with, you know who you are. The best compliment I can give is it would be a privilege to know you in real life.

Funny stuff, my friend, funny stuff.

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This is all a bit dramatic isn't it? Cav, I'm sure you'll visit from time to time like I do. Even just to read without posting..;)

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