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We should celebrate this milestone as I also have been a member for five year, like I've said many time this forum helped me with improving my English and many things more but what I think is more interesting in this place are the alliances that we find here among members, usually these are frequent with supports of the same team/driver, I've seen people arguing against each other for years and suddenly one of them start to support another team and they become "best friends", I really like that, I also enjoy thread that have nothing to do with F1 but what I definitively don't like it's when people take it too seriously or personal, I see people getting offended for what it should be a joke and that takes away the fun part of this.

Anyway this forum have and had great people, I know all of those who we don't see around anymore are still part of this even if they don't participate anymore, many surprise posts for them makes me think like this, in the end I just want to say that I've been blessed with knowing all of you and being part of this family, now I just want to ask you something, please stop changing you nicknames, I have a hard time trying to keep up with all this changes. :P

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Hi Tommy :wub:

Six years for me, sorry. But what I enjoy most about this place is the banter. I've met the likes of Chris, Bruce, Craig, Mike, Paul, Tanita, Andres, Brad, Tommy, George, Jay, Dave, John, Sean, Cav, Maure, Russ, Eric and the fit one known as Steve! If i've missed anyone out, sorry but you know I love ya. Oh Sh#t. Graham! Sorry.

Its nice to have a place to come and talk about F1 and take the p**s out of you all as well as have the p**s taken out of me!

So, boys. Shirtless photo's to [email protected] (just kidding!)

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