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Went to a drag race with him once. The man had pure motor oil in his veins. He had a heart and soul of a racer and I respected him greatly for it. Life is filled with losses and as I get older I'm losing more and more friends and family. I find that the only solace and comfort is in fond remembrance. I'll toast you, Bruce, and remember the times.

This aint goodbye you tough-arsed sunofab!tch! It's 'see you later'.

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Pumpdoc was possibly the first time I encountered someone who I thoroughly disagreed with on fundamental issues, yet could not help having enduring respect for, and it is pretty amazing to be able to inspire respect through forum posts. And I had more than one experience like Eric's in greener days. As a moderator, he managed to make you realize the utter childishness of most forum fights, petulant kids like me would calm down simply due to the fact that it was impossible to p**s off pumpdoc, the fact that he never found an annoying forum kid something worth getting worked up about made him pretty much ideal for the job.

If a person can inspire respect on an internet forum, I can only imagine the feelings people who lived and worked around him would hold. Bruce is also the example I'll remember should I ever feel like indulging in self pity, by the time he became a moderator he had already gone through a near death life experience, and he managed to see being alive itself as a bonus, making health problems that the younger among us would think debilitating appear relatively insignificant.

He's one of the people from whom I learned things that will stay with me through my life; there are very few people I can say that about. Amazingly there is more than one person on this forum I can say that about, they know who they are.

Bruce was someone who would call you a kid without being condescending, because it was a simple statement of fact.

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