American Nürburgring

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Well I won't take the pessimistic angle that you have...

Lets look at it some what pragmatically.

Can you duplicate a race track? Yes...with survey information, and enough money, you can make a replica of the road (even more money and time, and you can have the trees and houses too)

Have things been duplicated/plasticized in Vegas before? got Venice, Pyramids, Eiffel why not a road?

Would car companies test on it if it was there?...if you build it they will come

Would amateur racers want to race on it?....hell yes, because they can't do it on the real thing

Would pro racers want to race on it?...yes, and it would have a fascination factor to it too, like Bathurst and LeMan does, in that they are iconic LONG tracks.

So, why the farck not?

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Why not design his own 14-mile track?

I just don't see the need for it. His motivation is that "these German guys...have all the their computers." Does he not realize how many manufacturers from all over have access to this track, and many, many, many other test tracks, most own their own test tracks...I just don't see why this world needs two identical Nürburgrings.

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If it doesn't exist in Vegas, it doesn't really exist anywhere. If it wasn't for the Luxor, there would be no pyramids at Giza...the Egyptians would never have had the inspiration....

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