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F1 2014 Performance

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So, initial estimates have been ramped up in recent days, with the cars now predicted to produce around 700hp from just the engine/turbos alone, plus the 161hp ERS boost, producing as much as 900hp during qualifying at full power, so more powerful than today's engines.

Interestingly, it's said that the teams have already managed to produce much more downforce from the new chassis regulations than the FIA intended, and so it's thought that cornering speeds, at the start of the year, will be only slightly down on this year's. Infact, Renault themselves have stated in the last week that they expect the cars to be only around a second slower at the start of the year, but by the end of it they may well end up being faster.

The engines will produce around 600nm of torque, almost twice as much as this year's and it's said that Pirelli are almost certainly going to insist on wider rear tyres as they are concerned the current tyres wouldn't cope, so better traction there too.

The introduction of 8 gears will mean the ratios will all have to be made closer, similar to how you setup the car for Monaco, and as such will accelerate faster in general throughout the whole range, most likely being able to reach higher top speeds too, at tracks like Monza etc.

So, the cars themselves will be heavier, but will carry 50kg less fuel in the race, and with less drag, 161 of the horsepower coming from the ERS and NOT the engine for 33 seconds a lap, every lap of the race, a smaller V6 Turbo, no more burning and wasting extra fuel for aerodynamic benefits every downshift/throttle application, it's unlikely that much, if any, more fuel saving than is ordinary today will actually take place, and with tyres that are much harder and conservative, this should lead to drivers being able to push much harder, for nigh-on the entire race.

Interesting times :)

- Dan


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