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Verstappen Vs Ricciardo

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Ha lmao, I think your exaggerating just a wee bit, you have your ears blocked with all the whinging Vettel has done of late because he doesn't want anyone to pass him? I think your trying to use this as an excuse to get one back atleast after all the flack I've given your beloved driver, but atleast I admit Vettel is good though. Does this give some Vettel fans a good feeling after 2014, to see dan upset? To me it seems it does, like some retribution, if that's the case, that's guilt, guilt in the sense you don't want to admit defeat from the past otherwise if 2014 didn't bother anyone, why would they care? Same issue with alonso vs Kimi fans, it's like they loathe the one that defeated there loved driver and the funny thing is, not only are most Kimi fans like this I've come across on other forums but most of them didn't have a problem with alonso until he beat raikkonen. The same goes with Ricciardo vs Vettel.

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