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many reasons for the floor

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Only before installing the earthworm and the floor, pay attention to the following process and method, the floor will not sound: 1, the installation of earthworm is used 12mm drilling hammer drill bit, then at least square tenon tenon, reinforce the 18-20mm above to be useful, not easy to lay a few holes, a drying shrinkage is skywood tenon the wood carving; 2, the material compaction than earthworm material hard, hard wood shrinkage force is small, the earthworm is not easy to pull up the tenon, elastic stability,

maintain. 3, have a room on the ground level elevation of several centimeters, then the master carpenter in earthworm below the pad some knife like a cork or three splint, ensure earthworm level, then don't forget, between the pad high 2.5 cm above the earthworm, must be marked with a fixed short between earthworm and earthworm prevent about wavering swing in order to ensure the formation of a solid, earthworm.

the installation of solid wood floor hole, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nails, so that the floor to eat nails. 5, the walls are reserved for 1 cm above the floor contraction joints, in order to avoid climate change or water content does not conform to the expansion of the arch, which most people know. These skills seem to be small details, and the problem is often not in the small details of attention.

انتاجية التزيين العرب للبيع - سبعة الثقة
البليت الخصوصية سياج
يمكن زرع الأرضيات المركبة
الطقس لوحات البليت إثبات

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