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Does anybody else think that the, new F1 era is BORING.

Horner WILL argue that the PU`s/cars are so complex now

In the `90s we HAD the great Schummy DOMINATNG,  so it can`t just be that
Mercedes DOMINATNG has made it boring

 Schummy DID it at Benetton AND Ferrari

Even more recently with Red Bull domination - Finger boy Vettle - F1 were boring

There are NO character drivers anymore,  EVERYBODY is straight faced, nobody can laugh at/with.

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14 November 2017   10:26 (CET)

Vettel is charismatic, funny, and ultra-top shelve class driver. I am happy. Learn to appreciate him instead that dismissive tone of yours; onus is on you.

Michael and Sebastian were competing in different (denotes fair) conditions, and they excelled in their craft, as opposed the product we have under dark conditions of today. Past (already) four seasons of fake-racing were lost to bad regulations, however as we are at the speed of iceberg approaching performance convergence, result will ensure that next year we may have 3 or 4 teams competing for top shelve spot very closely. You cannot ask for more (methinks). When all said and done, man's character will emerge, like it or not.

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