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Electric Self-Driving Cars

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Well.....trying to get a sense of when we will reach the point when the majority of cars are electric and self-driving? Is it in 10 years (probably not), 20 years (maybe) or 40 years (most likely)? Does this mean that in 20 years...F1 will be a quaint form of racing, sort of like horse racing is now?

Where I live, I see several Tesla's a day. They are reaching the point where they are common. The parking garages in the area all have plug-in parking places. Tesla's can be self-driving (and one person has already died because of this). I gather fleets of self-driving UPS and mail trucks are about to become common. When do we reach the point where internal combustion engines are less than half the cars on the highway? When do we reach the point where the majority of people don't drive their cars? What does F1 become at that point?

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