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Race 14 - F1 2018 Gran Premio Heineken d'Italia

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locking your wheels can happen at that chicane, obviously Kimi was doing everything he could to keep ahead of Vettel, IMHO the biggest problem was right at the start when Kimi slammed the door in front of Vettel. Also I don't think that Kimi's position was a problem for Vettel at la Roggia, I think that Vettel's problem was that right after the image posted by Sakae Kimi went long into turn 1 and therefore kept Vettel off the racing line, at that stage Hamilton (unintentionally, I'm sure about it) slightly touched Vettel's car with his front wing, therefore Vettel was off the racing line and with a wrong angle of attack for the second part of the chicane, as a consequence he was slightly late on the power and that's why Hamilton could pass him. I know that Kimi has a lot of fans and often a different standard is applied to his actions but IMHO he was wrong off the line and when going into the braking for the first chicane (so shortly before Sakae's image) he pushed Vettel to his left. After that Vettel's race was compromised, despite being significantly quicker than both Hamilton (understandably since the Ferraris had a clear advantage over the Mercs) and Kimi who once again didn't achieve much

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Nice to have you back PCS to straighten us amateurs. I have no more racing experience other than watching it from sidelines, but it has occurred to me that tangible problem point of origins was at the Start line once light went off. What initiated Kimi's rage and determination (and I am using those words carefully) is another story for another day. What is not clear what was said in the strategy room during race planning, and whether Kimi went against an agreement, or they were hoping this will not happen, and said nothing.

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