McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

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This is a phrase OFTEN booted around, 
          need to go "back to basics"

It does NOT actually say ANYTHING
Lets look at that again.
Go back to basics,;

isn`t changing the PU going back to basics?
Isn`t installing a new CEO, and team leader/manager, whatever U want to call it. Going back to basics
Isn`t having a new driver pairing going back to basics?

McLaren HAVE done all these things, consistent with going back to basics
With little success.  So going back to basics will NOT guarantee ANYTHING

What McLaren actually NEEDS is a concept !!  Something to build on, instead of just 
making it fit, and hoping for the best.

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Indeed McLaren DID have a concept, some time ago now.
A THIRD pedal, to brake the front and rear wheels separately.  A nice idea
but the FIA banned it, declaring that it gave 4 wheel drive ability. 
People/teams HAVE looked at different wheel configurations,
notably.  Double wheels/tyres, and the tri-concept  - 3 wheels

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Back to basics? Last year Brown announced they have (or thinking about?) 5 years plan to get to the top. I thought that used to be a period quoted for novice teams in the past, but them - a novice team? Had anyone asked him which year actually will be the first one out of those 5 years? Obviously it wasn't 2016 nor 2017 or 2018. Maybe clock starts ticking for them this season, or maybe not. 

Reality check - as long as their corporate culture stays "as is", then I am not so sure they are on their way up at all. Just a lot of blah blah, but not much more than that. They failed to move forward with Mercedes at the back, they failed with Honda, and it's not going to be better with Renault either. Renault is actually on the record already that 2019 is not a year in which they hope to win too many (some, any?) trophies. Looks like Éric Boullier characterized the organization with great accuracy.

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