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It is believed Renault, under pressure from its major shareholder the French government, could draft in Michelin chief executive Jean-Dominique Senard to replace him as soon as this week.

The turmoil might also be involving Renault’s works F1 team.

Just days ago, it was announced that Thierry Koskas, the brand new Renault Sport president, was leaving the carmaker.

Jerome Stoll, who had stepped aside to make way for Koskas, therefore returns as team president.

But team boss Cyril Abiteboul insists the F1 team is unaffected by the turmoil surrounding Ghosn.

Any strong opinions about this on the forum? Media of all stripes are under attack these days for notoriously running stories with the same agenda and script, rather than reporting factual news, and sporting arena is no exception. I am lacking understanding why an author of this article (quoted above) manages in one breath speculate in one direction only to reverse the argument three sentences later when quoting Cyril Abiteboul. Was contradiction necessary? 

Interjecting some speculation on my own from sidelines, the team boss might be correct as far as short term impact of HR changes is concern, however should Mr. Stoll or yet someone else (instead Mr. Ghosn) be asked to sign a new agreement with Liberty, bets are off, I think. We have a new world out there today, and automotive industry is in turmoil, be those commercial, political or technical reasons. Financial resources will be an issue, if they aren't already. Is retreat then in the offing? Hard to say, but promoting (right) product might continue to be proven way how to communicate with customers. One is merely not sure, if the F1 is correct platform for it. 

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