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Eggs in basket

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Ending the title sponsorship with Aston Martin makes living with Honda even easier Said Marko at Red Bull.
Actually Marko, it does NOT mean that at all.
It means it makes living with Honda, MORE important. 
Because it LIMITS the options, available to Red Bull - no where else 2 go.

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Some drivers don`t need 2 put all of their eggs in 1 basket. 
Whilst Alonso could attempt, to be the the come back king.  With another come back at some point.

In a competitive car.  Something that Alonso has been not able to do but has tried a number of times. 
Third time (lucky ?)  If he did.
(at the time of writing)
Mansell’s back-to-back championships in F1 and IndyCar, a feat sure never to be repeated. But for a brush of the wall in the closing laps of the 1993 Indianapolis 500, Mansell came within a hair’s breadth of becoming just the 4th Formula One World Champion in history to drink the fabled milk of Indy.

(I think this HAS been achieved now since by Alonso in his pursuit of the dream - Motorsports treble crown - at this time just 1 win away??)

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