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Factory teams WIN

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over a year ago
2020 / 03 / 27   13:09 (UTC)

Sakae replied 2 my earlier comment

If your argument would be TRUE, then only RBR, Mercedes, Renault, and Ferrari teams would have any chances to win, since only those four are "factory" teams.
Well Sakae UR point IS true - that IS what has happened confirmin my original post.
Have 2 B a factory team 2 WIN in F1

Wouldnt it B good 2 have Cosworth BACK in F1

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RBR, IMO is not really a "factory team", as interpreted in urban lingo. It shall be a hybrid organization next year, but nothing more. As much as I would like to have a series full of car makers, I am not sure when, if ever, I made a claim that only carmakers are destined to win. Sounds rather silly to make such statements.

From technical side a car design from tires to the roof by one group has its advantages, but there are no guarantees, as many factors are involved.  

From recollection:

  1. Symbiot produced between Bridgestone and Ferrari. (Worked well, and I want that kind of relationship back.)
  2. Honda - first time around as a full pledged manufacturer. It was disaster.
  3. Toyota - The same. It was mismanaged organisation (IMO) = disaster.  

I should have not forget to say, that sometimes a team wins, because others are underperforming their potential. (Victories by RBR w Sebastian.)

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