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Round 10




We are at an interesting juncture in the championship.

Redbull seems to have a perfect combination of drivers and car that has worked for them this season, and seem like the favourite to win both the titles. They are almost looking invincible this year. Newey seems confidant that they have it in the bag. This would be a feather in his hat if Redbull wins. With this he would basically be winning every challenge that F1 would have thrown at him since early 90's.

Mercedes have a team that is a winning machine. They have perfected the bluffing game over the last 7 seasons pretty well to hide their true pace from everyone till the mid season point. If the news is true, Merc are ready to load their car with some heavy artillery which should help them in their bid to keep the winning streak on track.

Welcome to silverstone. Here is a good summary of what Silverstone feels like:


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Yeah, Merc is bringing an upgrade...

Sweeping corners, long straights, Merc territory.


But with Honda fixing their engine unreliability (flying on the straights), and being masters of aero, I predict another MadMax win

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I personally think Lewis was too aggressive in giving enough space to max.. this is one of those Hamilton moves where is is on the grey line trying to act pias about it being a racing incident.

In truth, he is rattled by Max to a point that he was inconsiderate about there being a fatal accident such as this.


It was CLEARLY Max's corner to keep..

Lewis deserves penalty points on his license for this!



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Power Rankings after British GP

I'm really amazed by Russel's perseverance. Cant wait for him to grab a top car to prove what he's worth.. Personally, I think Verstappen and Russel are in a league of their own..

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