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Formula 2022

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2022 F1 Car, Changes explained




2022 is going to be big overhaul for all the field. F1 management under Ross Brawn has made a lot of efforts to bring racing closer by erasing the flaws of the current format that has hugely played into the hands of just 1 team if not 2 at a time.

Ground effect is back. Tyres and wheels will have a whole new dynamics.

Aerodynamically, and mechanically, the cars are going to be more or less similar on the field with a lot of new standardized parts.

PU output in this case will prove to be a Huge distinguishing factor, it would be interesting to see how the F1 management addresses THIS issue. They really need to make sure that driver's on equal footing in regards to the PU output to make things interesting for the whole field. Just imagine maybe a Mick Schumacher or a Giovinazzi winning a race or getting a pole, that would mix things up well.

Eagerly Waiting for 2022.

What are your thoughts about the new format?

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Let me throw in a Joker here..

I somehow feel Williams will be competitive next year given the reshuffle. I'm actually banking on them to still have the keys to the locker with the files on ground effect.

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