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Netherlands 2021

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4 hours ago, Sakae said:


This might sounds as an excuse, but it is not meant to be.

His quail hot lap was compromised, and had he qualified higher up, race might had been different one. In the race, his tire in the first stint had sudden drop off, which was bummer as well. For marginal differences in performance, track characteristics was not lending itself to overtaking. 

For more I will wait for his comment.

Vettel's post-race comment is now available.


Sebastian Vettel (13th): "It was one of those days which shows that if you start further back it is really hard to recover, especially on a track where overtaking is so tricky. I had to take a lot of risks when overtaking, but if you qualify out of position it is difficult to come back. When I did have some clean air, in the final part of the race, the pace was very competitive and I found a good rhythm. From where we started, we had to try to do something different with the strategy and I was happy with our approach."

Car performances in midfield are not too different of each other, however on a track where overtaking is at premium, bad starting position sticks its ugly head on Sunday. I might be at minority, but I still don't like current qualification procedure. I think drivers should have a full hour available to them, limited attempts, fastest lap counts. Reason is simple. Car is not perhaps ready for a trial and team needs a few minutes more, or track ambient conditions are changing, and I like to see more fairness on Saturday. What happened to Vettel is really bad system on display. Under old conditions he would simply take another hot lap and had a better race. 

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That was a thug of a start.. touched Ocon and Giovinazzi.. almost got collected by Russell.. and some how managed to jump 2 places..


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