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Abu Dhabi GP - The grand Finale

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8 hours ago, Sakae said:

I am merely interpreting situation as I understand it. The fact is, there are many people who do critique the Race Director for decisions he made at that last ace. I am not sure why he did it, but he has, just as he let Hamilton accumulate enough points to level his score with Verstappen in previous races.

Masi's authority in the race is absolute, including his powers of discretion, whether we like it, or not. We all know it. Next year his autonomy with be even more strengthen by a new FiA president (so i've read somewhere). 

Masi said to raging Torger on the radio - we came here to race (something to that effect), and I must agree with that. F1 teams were fully cognizant of decision freedom Masi had. If they miscalculated, onus is on the team. i am sorry, but that's how cookie crumbles. I think MB with Hamilton were used to usually accommodating Whiting, and new guy surprised them with a kick where its painful. Good for him.

MB defensive strategy failed. Their fault (re: tires).

The way I see it, when one driver benefits, others are upset. Do you remember Vettel screaming on the radio - f**k Whiting. He was just as outraged by the Race Director's decision that hurt him. He was then called on the carpet all the way to Paris. At the end who was standing on his side? Not those people who are so upset and critiquing Masi today what he did, or what he should have done, in their opinion, etc.

To that all I say  - tough luck. Masi did not break any laws, and if your boy got hurt, let him sort his affairs with his team. There weren't farcical decisions, just the same or very similar to those we have with us for decades.      

Great stuff

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