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'gpma' Want Meeting With Fia

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Five manufacturers -- BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Renault and Toyota -- formed yesterday a new association, formally named Grand Prix Manufacturers' Association. This is likely set to replace the GPWC and therefore shows the commitment of these manufacturers to Formula 1.

GPMA will represent the manufacturers' interests and will provide them with an opportunity to shape the future of the sport and to provide exciting racing for its fans.

This is a very good news for the future of the sport.

An eerie peace seems to have broken out in Formula One politics.

Although the rival 'GPMA' group unleashed its own blueprint for the future on Monday, an FIA spokesman indicated that the body led by president Max Mosley may be receptive to the suggestions.

''Our proposals were not a fait accompli,'' he told Britain's 'Guardian' newspaper.

''I think both sides in this debate are much closer ... than some outsiders might think.''

The 'breakaway' group, made up of every team and carmaker except Ferrari, said it wants to soon enter into 'a constructive dialogue' with the FIA.

''(We) have therefore requested that representatives from (the group) will meet with the FIA President shortly,'' the statement read.

Formula One's rebel group of car-makers have demanded a meeting with FIA president Max Mosley to discuss the long-term future of the sport.

The five car-makers - Daimler-Chrysler, Renault, Honda, Toyota and BMW - are united in a desire for greater income from Formula One and a bigger say on technical issues.

They have announced a new organisation to represent their interests, the Grand Prix Manufacturers' Association, and revealed plans to discuss Formula One's future with world governing body the FIA.

The five manufacturers, and the nine teams allied with them, have twice snubbed meetings with Mosley to discuss future Formula One rules beyond 2007, when the ruling Concorde Agreement expires.

But after handing their own vision for a future rules package to the FIA, the group have declared themselves ready to talk.

A statement from them read: "Considering the fact that their alliance represents 90% of the current grid, and views from key stakeholders such as circuits, broadcasters, sponsors and fans are included, the teams and manufacturers are confident that the FIA will consider their proposals carefully."

"The teams and manufacturers look forward to entering into a constructive dialogue with the FIA shortly, and have therefore requested that representatives from their group will meet with the FIA president shortly."

The group, which covers all Formula One teams except Ferrari, abandoned plans to publicly announce a preferred rules package last weekend at Hockenheim.

Instead they submitted their proposals to Mosley and today issued a statement only outlining their general aims for any new regulations

Monday's document announced the group's "agreement on key principles for 2008 technical, sporting and legal framework", adding: "Their thoughts and actions were driven by a number of key principles."

"First and foremost, to maintain and build upon Formula One's position as the number one annual sports series in the world, it should attract, excite and provide the best possible sporting spectacle and good value on a worldwide basis."

"Moreover, Formula One must consolidate its position at the pinnacle of motorsport, by presenting the most exciting, technologically advanced and global motorsport series."

"Also, a long-term plan for the prosperity of the sport and its key constituents should be put in place, so that those parties which contribute greatly to the sport's success have a stable and economically viable future."

"The participation of independent teams will be supported and encouraged, particularly by enabling small teams to secure a stable source of engine supply."

Things seem to be on the up, it is important a solution is reached quickly for the future of the sport.

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Ditto, sounds like very good news and I for one, welcome the new manufacturer's association. Let's hope that good things come from this.


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