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Massa Eager To Race Against The World's Best

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Massa eager to race against the world's best


Felipe Massa has booked his place at the 2005 Race of Champions and is looking forward to representing Brazil at the prestigious event.

Massa, who also took part in the 2004 event, will team up with Nelson Piquet Jr, the son of three-times World Champion Nelson Piquet.

"I am very happy and proud to represent Brazil in the Race of Champions," said Massa, who will replace Rubens Barrichello at Ferrari next year.

"After having finished the F1 season on a high, I am looking forward to defending our colours alongside Nelsinho against some of the best drivers in the world and, above all, to providing the best show possible for the fans who deserve a great race."

The other national teams who've already announced they'll compete in the annual clash of motorsport stars are Finland, France, Great Britain and the USA.


This should probably go in the outside F1 circus section. I assumed it would be about Michael

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"Massa eager to race against the world's best"

Could of sworn he was driving against Alonso and Raikkonen all year :unsure:

Ps. Moving topic to outside the f1 circus as suggested.

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