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Race And Car Setup Regulations

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GP Masters: Race and car set up regulations

With the new GP Masters series about to kick off in South Africa, there has been very little mentioned about the cars that the legends of Formula One will be piloting. The following is a brief description of the race and car set up regulations….

1. Minimum Front Ride Height 33mm measured @ the highlighted point on all chassis’s.

2. Rear Ride Height min 44mm max 54mm

3. Front springs 1250lb/in , Rear springs 1000lb/in or 800lb/in (fixed)

4. Front camber -2.5 deg, Rear camber -1.5 deg, +/- 0.5 deg (fixed

5. Wing positions between H4 – H7 front and rear (fixed)

6. Choice of 3 anti-roll bars 13mm / 16mm / 19mm front and rear

7. Toe is free (std front -10 rear +10)

8. Dampers are free (std front 15/15/20 rear 20/20/20)

9. Minimum weight at all times including driver 702kgs (car weighs 612kg) Drivers will be weighed inc. overalls/helmet/HANS and ballast will be added to the cars as necessary

10. Prior to each session the cars will be fuelled for the maximum number of permissible laps for that session as per the Sporting Regulations.

11. Qualifying will be compromised of 12 laps in total (inc. out lap and in lap) thereby generating 4 timed laps from which the fastest time will be used to determine race grid order on Sunday.

12. As per Sporting Regulations a new set of tyres may be introduced in each session. On commencement of the first session on Friday all cars will be fitted with a new set of tyres. Thereafter each session may be started using the scrubbed set from the previous session, and new tyres may be introduced at will. If the driver so wishes up to two new sets may be carried forward for the qualifying session. The qualifying session may be started on a scrubbed set. The race tyres must be chosen from any of the sets used in the qualifying session. A maximum total of 4 new sets of tyres per event will be allowed (Fri AM, Fri PM, Sat AM, Sat PM,). For the avoidance of doubt a ‘set’ = 4 tyres.

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