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The Luffield stands may have a roof, but weatherproof they are not. In any case, an Englishman is never without his umbrella to guard against inclement weather. Sadly, mine carries the Jaguar name.

see again patriotism! Jag?

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:D Nothing wrong with a bit of nostaglia.............

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53-year-old Nelson Piquet will not join fellow former F1 champions Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Alan Jones in the 2006 'Grand Prix Masters' category.

Fourteen ex-grand prix stars over the age of 45 raced their single seaters at Kyalami late last year, with a full calendar to feature in '06.

But Brazil's Piquet, who won F1 drivers' titles in 1981, 1983 and 1987, told Italian magazine Autosprint that his professional race driving career is over.

''This series is for people who want to live in the past and make money out of it,'' he slammed.

Certainly, the latter motivation is unlikely to appeal to Piquet, whose now supports his namesake and son's career.

He boasted to the magazine that he probably earns more money in a year through his business interests than Michael Schumacher.

At least it's nice to know he hasn't changed much over the years! :lol:

He's just afraid to get in a car again. Oooh. Controversy........

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