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Wurz In The Hot Seat!

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Webber has shown Frank Williams so much loyalty and then Frank does this to him.
Loyalty is staying with the team when the big bucks come from other teams. Mark left, hence I think you're overplaying the loyalty card there.

As for him leaving, I think it's partly down to money, and partly to him seemingly having an opportunity to race for a big team (Renault or McLaren, most likely the former). Mark's been one of the drivers of the season for me this year. He's been robbed of at least two podiums (Australia and Monaco) by unreliability and many more points. His driving has shown a maturity and consistency I frankly didn't believe he had and has shown to be more than just a quali specialist. He's proven me very wrong this year and I take my hat off to him. Althought I totally expected he and Williams to come to an agreement.

Wurz was a major shock and I did not see that coming. It's been a long long time since he raced and I doubt he'll do that much more than Webber has done. This could be good news for Narain fans as he'll probably do more testing once this season is over, if they keep him and/or don't hire another tester.

Did you see the interview on RPM with Webber on Sunday?

I saw it and I echo your sentiments. You have to admit though, he was very honest about the situation with he and Kimi.

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