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Bruno Senna Eyes F1

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63196.jpgInterview: Bruno Senna eyes F1

09 August 2006

Ayrton Senna's nephew Bruno is working his way up to Formula 1. The Brazilian is now in his second year of motor racing, driving in the British Formula 3 championship. reporter Stijn Keuris caught up with him and talked about his position and ultimate goal: Formula 1.

You came seventh in the BP Ultimate Masters in Zandvoort. Looking at your good qualifying (second), it's fair to say that it could have been better?

Yeah. The balance of the car was not good in the end. It's a long race. I really pushed and defended, but this was what it was. That's also part of racing. Most of the race was boring for me, there was not much to do.

Most people rate the F3 Euroseries higher than the British championship you are driving in. What do you say to that?

I don't think that's true. Most people think the Euroseries are better, but for my feeling the top five drivers in both championships are on the same level. In races like the Masters we all drive on the same tyres - the ones that are used in the Euroseries. So the English teams have something to learn. That makes a race like this more difficult, but that's no excuse.

You haven't been racing in single seaters for a long time. How is your season in F3 going?

Two rounds ago I was five points behind Mike Conway, who is far more experienced than I am. Then I had a big crash at Snetterton, which put me behind a bit. Another driver made a silly move ahead of me, which caused the crash. I was ok, but the car was totally ruined.

There are some stories about you testing in Formula 1 later this year, with Scuderia Toro Rosso…

So far I haven't heard anything. Up until now it is just speculation by the media.

Do you think you are ready for Formula 1?

No. I don't have a lot of experience. But each race I learn. For example, I don't get nervous anymore when someone is pushing me. On tracks like Spa, where you can overtake, I am very calm. But on tracks where you can't, it's more difficult. I just need to learn a few things. Though I think I'll be pretty quick in a Formula 1 car. Obviously it is my ultimate goal.

And then there is your name. Is it putting you under a lot of pressure?

I don't really feel the pressure. I perform as well as I can. That is enough for me, it's my second year in motor racing. But the first race I raced was crazy. A lot of people, a lot of cameras. But it's like this: if I don't do a good job, I don't go anywhere. With or without the name Senna.

Does it help you finding sponsors?

I think it makes it less difficult for me to find sponsors.

You know Gerhard Berger very well. He could help you get your first Formula 1 experience.

He is a good friend of the family. He is helping me a lot. Gerhard was the one who told me to go to Formula 3. It's true, he could help me getting a taste of Formula 1. Many other people could too. But it really isn't on my mind right now. I'm waiting for the right moment.

Do you have the feeling that you will get there eventually and you don't want to rush it?I'm not in a hurry. Of course I won't wait my whole life to get there, but I still want to learn and get experienced. I would like to go to the GP2 or World Series and see what happens.

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