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Montreal Canadian F1 Race

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I went to the GP at Montreal this year, I got a feature of it up at the site but I cant seem to remember where our great ol' Wez put it.

Anyway The final GP schedule should be made public by November but dont get too excited. I found myself checking the GP du Canada website ( everyday from the day the schedule was released. See they dont start selling tickets the day the schedule is released, I think they came on sale very early January. So what I would do is constantly check the site when the schedule is released...

Ill give you a few pointers on Canada, I had such a great time there. Staying in the city itself is expensive, but can be done. Dont bother renting a car the public transportation is EXCELLENT in Canada, nothing like the systems here in the US. Im from Finland where public transportation is great, so Im telling you how great it is.

We stayed at the Hilton Airport hotel, it was very economic and a great hotel. They had a good taxi system going from the hotel to the track and the taxi was not expensive. The taxi will take you almost the whole way to the track, about 3/4 across the bridge where they check the tickets. Getting back home from the track I would recommend the subway. Cheap and fast!

Also I recommend getting seats at either the hairpin or at the chicane at turns 6 and 7. We got seats at the chicane at 6&7 and so much happened there it was amazing. Jos Verstappen crashed out there in the race, Nick Heidfeld span in practice there, Ricardo Zonta slammed against the wall there in practice and much more. The seats there are not expensive either!

But if youre fast you'll get the seats at the first turn, we would've but it filled right up! I recommend being fast in booking your flights and hotels, but you dont have to be immediate on the tickets to the track. We ordered in February and we were off fine, and we asked for 9 tickets!

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