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Ferrari's Upper Hand Since 2000

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I dont believe in Ferrari...

I dont believe in Mclaren...

I dont believe in Coulthard...

I dont believe in Stepney...

I dont believe in Michelin...

I dont believe in Coughlan...

I dont believe in Wives!

I dont believe in Photocopiers...

I dont believe in Quiteones...

I dont believe in Schumacher...

I dont believe in Abbas...

I dont believe in Beatles!

I just believe in me...

Renault and me...

(thank you John)




Renault and its a## dampers! :mf_tongue:

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Lastest development as follows:

Stepney considers action over car chases

By Jonathan Noble and Michele LostiaMonday, July 16th 2007, 09:36 GMT

Nigel Stepney's legal team are investigating whether Ferrari had anything to do with the high-speed car chases that the Briton said forced him to leave Italy.

While Ferrari's own legal investigation into Stepney's alleged espionage and sabotage activities continues, the man himself is pondering taking action after saying he had been followed by unidentified individuals.

The incident first came to a light in an interview Stepney did with The Sunday Times earlier this month.

"There have been high-speed car chases," he said. "We've been followed by more than one car, with Italian plates, and when we cornered one of them last Thursday evening the men in it refused to speak.

"I don't believe they were journalists. [Girlfriend] Ash has been stalked at the house. There was tracking gear on my car. Someone was going to get hurt. I had no option but to get out of Italy."

Stepney's lawyer Sonia Bartolini said they were investigating the matter and, should they find that Ferrari had an involvement in spying on her client, then they will take the matter to court.

"At the right time we'll draw our conclusions," she told La Repubblica newspaper. "At the moment we're trying to trace the car plates to the subjects that followed Stepney, and then we'll file a complaint.

"Obviously, if it is confirmed that Ferrari are behind this, it would be very serious. It's one thing to keep an employee under control at the workplace, but it's quite another to spy on him at his home and to follow him at night while he comes back from his vacation.

"If that was the case, the Maranello people will be called to answer for it in court."

Meanwhile, Gazzetta dello Sport quoted her as saying: "The evidence in our possession shows there will be other people involved. Some heavy revelations."

The Modena police looking into the matter are expected to start opening some of the confiscated files they took from Stepney's house during their investigation.

Salvatore Calabrese, chief of the Postal Police in Modena, told Gazzetta dello Sport: "We have already seen some documents, and at the moment there's nothing relevant.

"We'll soon start working on the three computers, the palmtops, the mobile phones, the video cameras, the CDs and the hard disks.

"We are also considering the bank transactions, both the ones Stepney's done and the ones that could be linked to him. At the moment the only person we are concentrating on is him, and no one else."


Things are getting more exciting. According to Stepney lawyer, there will be other people involved and some heavy revelations.

Lets hope the poison winds blowing back to Ferrari camp. B)

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This story is getting boring now and should go away. Ferrari always seem to be at the centre of these things. I blame that short gnome, Todt.

All these people are going to succeed in doing is alienating F1 supporters in the way that Cycling & Athletics has done over the various drug scandals.

Come on Max, sort this lot out and let's get back to matters on track.


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As much as I like Mclaren and hate Ferrari, I would quite like to see both teams excluded, though it almost definetely won't happen. It would be interesting to see more than a two horse race for once for the championship.

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