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You Want To Go? Fine I'm Going... Go Then... Fine

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"Fernando Alonso has allegedly been told if he does want to leave McLaren-Mercedes at the end of this year, then the Woking-based outfit will allow him to do that, if he so desires.

According to reports by British newspaper, The Times a 'well-placed source', which was not identified, has confirmed that McLaren boss, Ron Dennis has informed the double world champion that if he is really unhappy with things then the door is open.

"My understanding is that he's been told he can go because they're so fed up with him," the source told the broadsheet 'paper.

"Ron is just very p***ed off with both of them [namely Alonso and Britain'd Lewis Hamilton]."

Alonso has, so the rumours go, been unhappy for quite a bit of the season, as he believes that Hamilton is getting preferential treatment.

The dispute at the Hungarian Grand Prix at the weekend, which culminated in Alonso losing his pole position and being bumped down to sixth on the grid, while the team was not allowed to score constructors' points - a ruling McLaren have yet to confirm whether or not they will appeal against - left Ron extremely unhappy.

In the same report, Dennis noted: "We have two drivers who are contracted for several years into the future. We will respect our part of the bargain - we hope that the drivers respect theirs, because that's what a contract is about.

"We will continue to function as a grand prix team with specific values and if anybody does not want to be part of those values - irrespective of where they sit in the organisation - ultimately they will have a choice. But we will not deviate away from our values," he added.

For the record, Alonso is contracted to McLaren until the end of 2009, and while he may have been reported as saying he wants to leave, it is hard to believe, especially as there are so few other grand prix winning seats.

Indeed at the moment with only McLaren and Ferrari capable of winning, Fernando doesn't have many options, as both Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa are well settled with the Scuderia. Furthermore while BMW Sauber or even a return to Renault might not be out of the question, based on this season, it would probably not be the wisest of moves - although the former would probably be a better option than the latter."

07/08/07 Eurosportnews

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There is no point forcing an unhappy driver to stick around. If he really really wanted out then McLaren would be silly to stand in his way. Afterall they have a phenom in Hamilton in place so I dont think he would be badly missed.

Id quite like him to stick around, I dont overly dislike Alonso, though I'm not a huge fan but it certainly makes for exciting racing seeing him and Hammy in the same car. I still maintain Alonso is just hot under the collar that things haven't been so easy as he hoped and that his team-mate isn't being made to fall into line behind him. A touch of jealousy, A touch of bitterness? Probably, but maybe he'll bounce back and make a title fight of it all the way to the final race.

Wait, this is going to get locked, right???

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closed, there is allready a thread on this.

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