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1] But what do you want from Bernie ?!

2] To what period do we want to go back ?!

The best period in F1 history was the 1980s.

Another great exciting period was the pre WWII/pre F1 GP championship of the 1930s.

The 1950s/60s/much of 1970s were quite boring for most part, unless you consider drifting + accidents + riots + admiring grass and trees as exciting high quality racing.

3] Unless F1 is seen as the pinnacle I don't think people and sponsors and the manufacturers would bother with it.

4] F1 is actually incredibly healthy. The revenues are about 4 billion per year, audiences are good and rising in some countries very well.


1. I want nothing from Bernie. I have never wanted anything from Bernie. My only comment about him was that he was in F1 for the money.

2. Does it actually matter? By saying make F1 one what it once was, I mean a racing series, not a precession series. If the 80s were best, then fine. I can't possibly say as I only started watching it seriously in the 80s and those are the years I remember with fondness. I am sure other people have different views. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with drifting.

3. You see pinnacle as an in the pinnacle of technology, it's absolute to you, I don't see it like that. To me pinnacle is just a fictitious ideal, if you like. Is it the pinnacle if we have the most technologically advanced cars, but no racing becasue it is nigh on impossible to overtake? Is it the pinnacle if we have really good racing, but don't at least have a smattering of the best drivers? I know good racing and technology are not mutually exclusive, but you see my point about the perceived pinnacle?

4. We have already had this point. I said F1 was profitable, I did not say otherwise. I also said audiences were rising. However, I asked how many of the new audience will stay once the novelty has worn off, especially if we continue to have 90% of the races like the last one, for example? I also said how much more money could it make if it was an exciting and we had proper racing? For example, you say the 80s were the best - how much more money and how much bigger would the audiences be, if the racing was like that again?

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Can an ECU be hacked? It's likely. However, if you hack a system and then hand it to scrutineering they're likely to notice that it isn't what they gave you in the first place. It's not a matter of working out the password or bypassing it or somesuch, you'd actually have to modify the software significantly. If you think you can do that un-noticed try replacing Windows XP with Windows 95 on someone's computer and see if they spot it.

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The main problem with mass electronics is they must apply some standard in order to garantee compatibility. Every single DVD producer can modify it

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