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Final Test Of 2007

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Adrian and Christian next season for force India.

Roldian Rodregez will be the 3rd driver because of his money rather than ability.

And Liuzzi may go to A1GP and share his ride with Giancarlo.

Forca Italia.....

Ralf will probally chuck a Michael and never race real seriously for a while and the rest of the driver's that tested for force India we will never hear of again.

I thought that Sakon Yamamoto was going to get a test?

Nope. FI have announced that they are not going for pay drivers rather on ability. Mallaya has enough cash...

Sakon I don't think was called for any test as he is known to be crap

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i ve been to jerez and i could realize that the rear part of the cars swing a lot at the exit of the curves and that hamlton's and d.couthard's driven styles were the most agressive of then all or at least the day i went there it was like this. i think next year we're going to have more exciting races than in 2007. i hope nobody gets seriously hurt or something like this so this progressive return to genuine racing dont get stopped

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