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Went to the Tasman Revival at Pukekohe Raceway yesterday to watch the historics racing...some beautiful maintained old-timers of the largest ever Formula Junior fields in the world since the '50's - over 35 entrants in Brabhams, Lotus', Elva's, much power from little 1000cc powerplants.

Also there were the "Historics" which is basically all the cars that aren't Formula Junior, F5000 or Formula Libre, so there were classis Formula Fords (look so much nicer than today's breed of FF), Formula Atlantics and the like. Lots of March's. Lola's, FFords, and one hell fast Ralt RT1 - final race was handicap and they gave him a 2min 20sec handicap in a 7-lap race.....took him two laps to get back onto lead lap, then by race end he was in 5th, pipped from 3rd by too short a front straight.

But we were all there to see the F5000's - the 5-litre formula that used to have McLarens, McRaes, Beggs, Talons, Lola's, and other marques racing in. (Bruce McLaren made two "true" McLaren F5000's then sold the manufacturing rights to Trojan to manufacture the rest). F5000 was setup as a 5-litre formula for those not able to afford F1, but it ended up costing just as much as F1 in the end due to the amount of work being done on the development.

Here is some footage of last seasons F5000 race at Puke....this field was only half the size of that yesterday....damn these cars sound and look nice :)

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Stupid me never took a camera to the meet....thinking about going down to Taupo to watch them this weekend (Taupo being the track the New Zealand A1 round is currently run on).

Here is a link to the start of a photo shoot of the McLaren M22 that was at the meet. Starts off with original 1970's shots, including one of the Trojan factory!! Gravel forecourt area and times have changed.

Keep clicking on "next image" - there are about 20 pics in all

This was the last M22 ever manufactured and the man that now owns it was bought it as a present by his wife....oh yes...that's called rolling in it....

Actually the guy that owns it is also currently building a Class 2 race track just south of Auckland called Hampton Downs which is where the A1 is slated to race from 2010, and once people realise what a crap race the Hamilton 400 street race will be for the V8 Supercar's, then they too will go there.

Also at the meet was Denny Hulmes Yardley-McLaren F1 but they didn't take it out for a spin, nor did they take the M8E CanAm saloon out. However there is a meet coming up at Teretonga for CanAm's that should be the biggest field assembled since their heyday. I was kind of blown away at how small the M8E actually was - they look so big in the old pictures.

Can't wait for them to start filming the Bruce McLaren movie....there will be lots of 1960s F1 cars here...yay!!

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