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Found 1 result

  1. Nzfmr 2013

    Well I've just finished up two, three day weekends of motorsport...two car campaign last weekend with me pitcrewing under the watchful gaze of my 5-yo daughter, er, I mean crew chief....and racing this weekend. Previous weekend was spent sorting two cars that had only just been put back together during the week before...I installed the gearbox on theCooper Formula 3 on the Wednesday night to make that one work, and the last bolts went into Lola 23 on the Thursday night, with frist practise on the Friday morning. Cooper went OK on Friday but some shoddy work by the firm that overhauled the rear brakes on the Lola meant I spent the day on my back on the pit garage floor repairing them (over machined pistons and incorrect seals do not a happy brake, make). But once I got the Lola going for the Saturday, the old man was on the button...such a nice wee car is our #23...until the top link bolt shears that is and the right rear goes wibble wobble... But what's motorsport without a bit of getting your hands dirty? Anyways, fast forward to this weekend (mainly because I've had like six hours sleep in the last three days and the words a blurry...), and we are a three car team for the weekend with me in my Lola (#5), Pop's in the F3 Cooper and the other FFord Lola #23.... out we go for practise on the Friday 'box swiftly begins to pack up on me, especially second gear, which is just not wanting to go in no matter what I do...blipping, double clutching, quick 1st, 2nd I'm trying to keep outta the way, and sitting just off the race line, and boom...clobbered up the jacksy by a Crossle from Ireland thinking that overtaking on the outside in a second gear hairpin is a good thing to do when there is three car widths to the right of me, and half a width to the left...passing side to the right...suicide to the left... ...we pick up the action with me heading towards the hairpin.... End of the day I ended up with the rear left castor knocked out of whack (he hit my left rear), and the gearbox in a worse state than what it started off in...hence it stalling when I drive past him and then having to hoof it out in third gear all lights (wheels) a-blazing, like. The next day one of our races a four car pile up started by an Italian leaving the island and then jettisoning straight across the track, collecting three cars on the way...and today, the guy that hit me, ran off at turn one and straight into the tyre barrier, ripping off his front left corner....AND then, to top it off, one of the cars in the final race caught fire going down one of the short straights when it's carb came adrift, had a back fire, and then...whooooosh...about three guys stopped and jumped to assist, a la David Purley. Once I get my pics down / uploaded, I'll post some up Have some shots of a very rare in, it only got half off the drawing board...that is until some kiwis decided to finish it off...