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Found 6 results

  1. Racing Point,,, 2020 Either it is an amazing piece of Pseudo doppelganger, made by a bunch of copy paste savvy team engineers... Or a complete farce and a Copy-Gate in the making... Reanult does have a point to prove on behalf of the rest of the field by protesting against Them... they are not crying foul without a reason... Is it a coincidence that everything, up to the placement of each small bolt, is laser sharp similar to the old Mercedes.. Would Mercedes also be punished if RP are proved guilty for plagiarism?
  2. There is a reason why this track hosts the ritualistic pre-season test every year. Its a good marker for highlighting the prowess and synchronization of Both the Man and Machine behind our beloved Sport. Vamos! Official link to Spanish GP
  3. Here is a wild card, that may help improve the show in a lot of ways... humor me... Both Ferrari and Renault are facing the downside of being stuck with a similar Turbo setup against what is available in a Mercedes or Honda PU... The token system is downright harsh on these teams, who tried to play fair, by incorporating a version of Turbo that is in accordance with the gentlemen's agreement that the teams had,,, at the time of signing up for the new Engine rules. And now, it feels like,,, both these teams seems to have run out of token for having played fair, and are facing the downside of not trying to outsmart their rivals in the Turbo Department. They have both rubbished their tokens for what?? Keeping their engines cool and lean at the same time? Come on man... The Chess play of F1 circus has put both these legendary teams in a rut they are now stuck in,,, the ones that are suffering the most are the Fans! And all the fans want is for the 20 of the best drivers in the world, to give a glaring show of gladiator skills against each other in the fastest EVER machines on 4 wheels on this planet. Mercedes did outgun everyone by doing what they did, and have always stayed ahead of the game, and rightly so. They have definitely earned their dividends for the ingenious PU they designed, additionally they now have customer teams that supports its sales... Honda was smart to realize (although late), the benefits of Split Turbo... and they are on a good upwards trajectory by the look of it. I saw Albon on the edge of winning the first race of the season and that's a good sign in its self... Wouldn't it make sense that for the sake of being fair to the sport and its complexities, and withholding the respect of the gentlemen's agreement, Ferrari and Renault are at least allowed to share their available tokens to help each other get better on field? I know one thing this will improve that we all love - Racing!
  4. I personally think his grumpy demeanor, just his general vibe, is too off putting. Word has it that he is too harsh on his team, with a point-the-gun-and-shoot approach. Why is Renault not bothered about HIS performance. I think Renault, the whole team, deserve a better leader, then just a strict BOSS. What do you think? Thread heading changed with less provocative statement. Sakae
  5. Hi there! I'm new to this forum. During the quarantine boredom I've decided to create a F1 trivia quiz.It's not the most difficult one, but for the average f1 knowledged super fan like myself. Let me know what you guys think! Viktor
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