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Found 6 results

  1. For the third time this year F1 is setting shop in Italy for a race. This time we have the race named after the region that it is being held under, Emilia Romagna, Italy. A little south of the regional capital of Bologna, is the famed Imola Circuit that has given us some memorable races specially in the V10 Era. Here is the Track layout: Lap around Imola: Official Link to the Race Considering that Imola should favor Mechanical grip over Raw Engine power, we should expect a better race compared to the others this year. Historically it is a track that has proved difficult for overtaking and this year should be no excuse.
  2. Oh god.. I can't believe this. I really think honda was doing good for being the 2nd best engine supplier on the grid. I think they are on the edge of making breakthroughs that would make them more competitive. Its unfortunate F1 couldn't help honda or isn't able to help Renault and Ferrari close the gap. THEY are an amazing car manufacturers, I wish them all the best. I hope to see some good innovations from them in coming years. 🙏
  3. Vsem Privet! Get your bottle of Vodka out already, its the Russian GP. Vladimir would be watching, and so should we. Again a power Hungry track which has suited the Mercedes package well all these years, so in a normal race without any issues, results should be easy to predict. This year has thrown some surprise races, hope F1 goes to Russia with love, and unpredictability. Well, Its definitely enjoyable on the Official F1 Game on my phone, I'm sure it is so in real life too, of course there is no comparison. I'm guessing Hermann TilKe sat down with Russians to decide how the track layout should be, and all they came up with is lot of 90 Degree Rights, or lefts. Pretty straight forward as the Russians are. Official Link to the Russian GP
  4. Give me Red! Grazie Ragazzi! And now we come to the home of Cavallino Rampante, and the holy grail for tifosi's. This track has a special place in the history of F1. A Ferrari win, Like the one in 2019, is the thing to witness, with hoards of fans covering the whole track with huge red flags. Its that time of the year where we get to see the true potential of an F1 engine and cars with the lowest of down forces possible. If its Italy, it has to be Ferrari, Here let Kimi take you for a ride around Monza: Well, given what happened in the last race, it is going to be a difficult outing for Ferrari considering the deficit they are facing in engine power. Lets hope they are at-least able to nail the setup and balance of the car right. I'm sure Mercedes is going to take the cake, but never say never.
  5. One of the most Iconic race tracks out there. There is a reason why a lot of drivers have this one on their Fav list, some on the top. Known for its undulations, and the beautiful Belgian scenery that it is covered with. It has Some of the most unconventional turns (compared to the current crop of tracks), they are a sheer adrenaline pump to the drivers, Especially Eau rouge which goes uphill on a full throttle .. In case you were confused about all the names that this track has HERE .. This track has produced one of the most Iconic overtakes ever.. split-streaming 2 cars at once to cover the inside corner was a pure work of art and instinct in an F1 car by Mika... Official F1 link to the race.
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