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Found 3 results

  1. Vsem Privet! Get your bottle of Vodka out already, its the Russian GP. Vladimir would be watching, and so should we. Again a power Hungry track which has suited the Mercedes package well all these years, so in a normal race without any issues, results should be easy to predict. This year has thrown some surprise races, hope F1 goes to Russia with love, and unpredictability. Well, Its definitely enjoyable on the Official F1 Game on my phone, I'm sure it is so in real life too, of course there is no comparison. I'm guessing Hermann TilKe sat down with Russians to decide how the track layout should be, and all they came up with is lot of 90 Degree Rights, or lefts. Pretty straight forward as the Russians are. Official Link to the Russian GP
  2. One of the most Iconic race tracks out there. There is a reason why a lot of drivers have this one on their Fav list, some on the top. Known for its undulations, and the beautiful Belgian scenery that it is covered with. It has Some of the most unconventional turns (compared to the current crop of tracks), they are a sheer adrenaline pump to the drivers, Especially Eau rouge which goes uphill on a full throttle .. In case you were confused about all the names that this track has HERE .. This track has produced one of the most Iconic overtakes ever.. split-streaming 2 cars at once to cover the inside corner was a pure work of art and instinct in an F1 car by Mika... Official F1 link to the race.
  3. There is a reason why this track hosts the ritualistic pre-season test every year. Its a good marker for highlighting the prowess and synchronization of Both the Man and Machine behind our beloved Sport. Vamos! Official link to Spanish GP
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