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Bruce Mclaren On Setting Up A Gp Car

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This was taken from a great site: The preface was written by the site's author who deserves all the credit. I merely cut-and-paste for your enjoyment. This is a good refresher in the fine art of driving without any gizmos at all but your own courage


Bruce McLaren on Setting up a GP Car

The following is taken from MOTOR RACING magazine, from two articles published in the May and June 1965 editions. I have combined the two articles. The first, by John Bulmer, a motor sport journalist has his views on how he thought GP cars would be set up for particular circuits. At the end of the article he invited responses from those in the know and Bruce McLaren wrote the second article in response to the first. So while the first article is of less value than the second, it is necessary to include it to understand Bruce's article. In addition, those parts of Bulmer's suggestions which are not contradicted can carry more weight.


John Bulmer - Monaco has always struck me as a circuit calling for considerably less understeer than most others. In two places in particular -

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