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  1. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    Just to add, the worst thing about this from a fan perspective is that its these little things that hurt F1.
  2. Davidson To Str?

    Davidson is very much deserving, yet I want to be entertained, throw Sato in.
  3. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    I myself think the penalty is unwarranted, see the highlighted point and nice post medilloni.
  4. Alonso To Honda?!

    Toward the latter stages of the 07 Championship, many discussions had risen on the pending future of Alonso. A suggestion put forward by myself at the time was to see Alonso pursue a career with Toyota. That thought now, doesn't seem quite so stupid. However, to touch on the subject, its a gamble I'd like to see Honda and Alonso take.
  5. Senna To Toro Rosso?

    To touch on Bourdais, I too would like to see him given another year and one on slicks.
  6. Fisichella Vs. Sutil

    I should add to my thoughts that without competition, this team will not go anywhere fast. They are a very intriguing team as well. I like where they are at. Budget wise, personnel. Much to look forward to. If they can bring on a performance like Super Aguri last March I will enjoy my time at the Grand Prix of Australia once again.
  7. Fisichella Vs. Sutil

    What is best for this team is not a vs. situation but a work environment that has them both focused on the development of the team and its r&d. Though you can't take away the competition, so I will obviously arise and I do expect Fisi to come out on top.
  8. For God's Sake Take Off That Helmet!

    A comment I very much agree on and expressed thought in the latter part of the Toyota launch thread. But to correct one aspect, I wouldn't say should, but I would like to see this approach.
  9. Heikki Is A Macca Man

    Another Finn in a Macca! lovely stuff. I'm itching for next season already.
  10. Button's Comments On Lewis

    I couldn't take out anything from that, that I couldn't understand. More than relevant points.
  11. Finally Official... Alonso To Renault

    The inevitable has happened. I love it (I still liked my Toyota theory, lol). I feel like the championship has officially come alive for 2009 as of today. We have some great competition to look forward to.
  12. Rbr 'up There' In 2009?

    I'm a little stunned at the direction taken in regard to aerodynamics. However with a nice budget and a nice list of resources whats stopping them.
  13. Slicks Are Back, Slicks Are Back!

    lol, leave me alone I had only just got home from work and I do know the difference.
  14. Slicks Are Back, Slicks Are Back!

    Slicks return, Montoya must return and claim what will rightfully be his, WDC! Slim to none chance, but I'm aloud to dream. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpZ3GnHyvW8 + enjoi if you haven't seen this (champ car)
  15. Queensland's F1 Bid

    I welcome the thought of Phillip Island and have been hanging on to hear their interest. This is great news. Already a world renowned circuit and willing owners, I love it and have always adhered to the thought of Phillip Island hosting Formula One. As it stands in its current shape, it needs some work, both track and facility. Adapting the track to better suit could be easily accomplished. Very nice! :clap3: Take it to the Island.