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  1. F1 To Be Decided By Wins What do yous think about this one? Could be interesting but does that mean Schumacher will forever remain the number 1 points getter of all time? Not that I am complaining there!!!
  2. Braziiiiiiiil

    What a race. Greatest end to an F1 race I have ever seen, certainly the best title decider of all time. Lewis Hamilton is a worthy champion and deserves his championships. I think over the course of the season he was the best driver all round. Ferrari were a stronger car, Massa did well but through all conditions I think Hamilton was the slightly better driver. Next year will be excellent as I expect Alonso to be better, BMW to be closer and Raikkonen to bounce back. I wouldn't have been disapointed to see Massa win but I worry that this might be as close as he will come. Hopefully though his day will come sometime. What a superb end to an superb season and this is likely the first of many for Lewis Hamilton.
  3. Canada Loses Formula One Slot.

    Gutted by the news. It is just anoter step in my incresing disillusionment with modern day F1 though I intend to stick by it in the hope that oneday it will move back towards its roots, maybe after Bernie is gone. I'm all for something new and changes but F1 needs to keep some of his history intact and with the loss of Montreal I worry some other famous circuits will leave us also for countries without F1 pedegree but with plenty of money to cough up. Montreal is one of the most exciting circuits out there. This years race there was excellent and the one in 2007 was probably the best of the entire season, it had everything. It was also Hamilton's first win and I also happened to be lucky to have been at it. I only moved to live in Canada a month ago and was looking forward to making the 8hr drive from Toronto up to Montreal each June to catch the race. That is now no more thanks to Bernie and his greed. Lets just say he is not a popular man here anymore with Canada losing it's biggest annual sporting event. In 2005 the Montreal GP was the 3rd most watched sporting event in the plant behind only the Superbowl and the Champions League Final. The interest in the race was there, the fans kept selling it out. Hopefully someday it will be back. While the new circuits are all very nice and will become part of the history one day I just hope it doesn't continue to happen at the expense of some of F1s fan favourite circuits. I've also read the Turkish GP will move into it's spot freeing up a 4 week summer break in August? Is it only me who thinks it daft for a summer sport to have a summer break? Madness, but onward we go.
  4. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    In hindsight Hamilton should have stayed behind him until they got through the first corner and then taken him as Kimi, not tof the first time, clearly looked like he couldn't handle the wet conditions. Of course in the c#ckpit with split second timing hindsight is a wonderful thing and Hamilton siezed his chance to get past Kimi ASAP. The longer he stayed alongside of behind him the more chance he had of being taken out by Kimi sliding all over the road. Unfortunately the decision is what it is but I think he could be reversed again. If not, Hamilton will just have to pray for rain from here on in to seal the deal over Ferrari.
  5. Dod Silverstone

    Obviously Hamilton. Special mention to Massa for managing to spin so often yet still finish the race! ha ha ha.
  6. Der Regenmeister

    His win yesterday definately reminded me of that Senna win in Donington in 93. Ok Senna overtook 5 in the first lap and lapped all but 1, but Hamiltons effort was still one for the ages. Coming from 4th to 1st and then lapping all but 2 and making fools of the rest on that wet day will be remembered for many years to come. Genius.
  7. Noob Senna Question......

    Theres plenty of great drivers than lots of people will debate for and against as the Greatest. Senna wasn't just great however, he was a Genius. Theres very few of them.
  8. Speed Says "no" To F1

    He was a bit of a disapointment in F1. Hopefully he'll end up in NASCAR. Montoya is great on the street circuits out there.
  9. Not a bad effort. Atta boy Lewis!!! Oh and for the record, as a Ferrari fan yet also a Hammy fan, I'd love to see him in Red. Cant see it happening though.
  10. It could be that Hamilton is young and learning his way. What he said was a mistake, he apologised for it and with Dennis actually having a brain he has forgiven him and probably told him not again. He knows Hamilton will make mistakes in many areas and because of his age knows he needs to grow with them mistakes and make him better.
  11. The One And Only Mclaren Contraversy Thread

    hahahaha, thats hilerious. If it was posted the other way round backing Alonso you probably would have been the one that posted it. Hakkinen's opinion isn't nonsence and crap, it's his opinion. You might not like it but thats to bad. Again your kind of response shows you have yet to remove them 'The World is anti-Fernando' tinted shades.
  12. The One And Only Mclaren Contraversy Thread

    Welcome to the sport of F1. You have to be media savvy as well as race savvy. Hamilton knows it, Alonso knows it and both go with it.
  13. The title is far from over and I think it'll go a long way before beind decided. Nothings standing in the way of Alonso putting up a good fight. Right now my smart money would be on Hamilton, he seems to handle the pressure better whereas when angry Alonso does seem to get rattled. Still it'll make for an exciting finish to the season.
  14. The One And Only Mclaren Contraversy Thread

    This is great. I love a good toe to toe rivalry and its even better when its team-mates. Anyone who thinks this is bad is following the wrong sport and needs to head over to
  15. Spin Doctoring And Horrible Reporting

    Definately the press have an ability to bend a story for their own means. In this case it's coming from so many sources you have to say there isn't smoke without fire and Alonso definately is not happy. Yes it could partly be due to bad managment from Dennis but I think it's definately also to do with the fact that Alonso expected to come in as number 1 and dominate his rookie team-mate. With them being given equal preference and being allowed to race head to head and Hamilton so far coming out on top it's gotten to Fernando. I definately feel McLaren deserve praise for letting the two go at it instead of raining one in from the start. It would be sad if he left McLaren as I'm enjoying this rivalry and it's good for the publicity of the sport to be honest. However if only one is to be kept I would be keeping Hamilton every time if I were Dennis.