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  1. Bruno Senna

    I think the reason that Bruno is using Senna last name is because in Brazil the mother last name is in first place and after that the father last name. So, they will never lose the mother last name. That is the reason. In Ayrton Senna`s case. Senna is the mother last name and Da Silva the father last name.
  2. Really is not new that is very hard to overtake Jacques. He drove well, he was in front of Heidfield, but the blow engine was not his fault. Better luck in Malaysia, we hope.
  3. Montoya - Is He Even Good Enough For Red Bull

    I want to be like Montoya. I want to drive a F1 just for fun and make a lot of laps and make mileage even in the championship and as he said: score some points.
  4. Young Nico's Great Showing

    Well, is quite interesting to know that probably Rosberg may ended in front of Webber. He really drove very well, I was very amazed with his perfomance.
  5. Montoya - Is He Even Good Enough For Red Bull

    Yeah, well.... Montoya. I think he drove really well. Amazing! I am sure he will be the next champ... in gp2
  6. Of course, Mercedes fought the constructors title, but if you are fan of Mercedes since Hakkinen and Coulthard, you can`t deny that since that years to this time Mercedes hasnt develope a strong engine program that can make it realible and powerful. Always is the same story. But last year with the new rules Mercedes suffered and a lot. If not, ask poor Kimi, who many times he started in the back of the grid for changing engine? In the last eighties and early nineties Honda was a strong engine, of course failed too. But there is more much technology since that years. Renault always have been a strong engine. Only a couple of times in Williams era, Renault failed. And now, with it`s own team is the same thing.
  7. Hi to everyone again. Is not new that Mercedes engines are not reliable and of course I think - maybe I`m wrong- doesnt have the experience with V8. In the early nineties you have cars like Ferrari that used V12, (Williams) Renault used V10 and (Benetton) Ford used V8. After a time, everybody used V10 in their cars. Maybe they built a less powerful engine to test the structure and study components and parts of the new engine. And of course, is not only a less powerful engine, also a unrealiable engine. Norbert Haug already said that the Mercedes development program is not at the stage they want. So Keep Walking Kimmi and Juan Pablo or maybe use an scooter.
  8. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    I read that Mclaren pit crew is training very hard at the firestation. They need the skills to handle the fire. You know, there will be a lot of engines failures this year and they must be quick!
  9. Honda: We Are Lagging Behind Cosworth

    Probably Williams will have some podiums in the first races of the championship, but I think that the opposition will develope quickly better V8`s, so the most important issue is to know how fast Cosworth can develope a better engine.
  10. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    We will miss you, too. post merged by ecapdeville
  11. Grand Prix Masters 2006...

    Yes, Piquet is the same as always.
  12. Why Mercedes Is Not Reliable?

    When Mercedes used beryllium in their construction it seemed to be stronger engine and more reliable. But then FIA banned it because is a very toxic material, so it looks like very hard for Mercedes to find the right materials for the engine construction. This is not a new problem for Mercedes. In matter of facts, it has been always Mercedes problem in F1. With Hakkinen, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Montoya and every Mclaren driver Mercedes failed. I think they spent a lot of money making new engines, but it seems they dont find the way. Or maybe they take to much risks trying to make a lighter and reliable engine? But that argument is very old and the same failure is very old too. What do you think about that?
  13. Can Williams Bounce Back?

    Thanks, nojvnof1. Well, as you said the first three poles were made by Senna`s talent. I dont know if is true but I read that Senna had a notebook where he wrote everything he dislike about the car. There were a lot of things I guess. But certainly, if what I wrote is true and Williams used that information to develope the car, we have to be amazed about Senna`s skills in testing the car. I think that the car was really competitive in Silverstone, the last race of the first half of the championship. Before that, the FW16 was a shadow of what Williams made in 1992 and 1993.
  14. Senna V Schumacher

    Thanks my friend.
  15. Senna V Schumacher

    Well. Honestly I think that Senna is the most important race driver in Formula One history. Of course, Schumacher have a place in the room of the greatest champions, but I think there is no reason to compare them. When people say: Schumacher won 7 titles and Senna only 3, I always reply like Senna once said: "I want to be more than a champion" He already knows -as we- that every year there is a champion. As Ortega y Gasset said: "I am me and my circumstances" Which we Senna`s circumstances? How was the opposition level of the drivers of his era? How good was his car? FIA helped him or not? When we look Senna`s career we will find that his relationship with Balestre was terrible. Also, Balestre support Prost careers. So he not only fight on the track, also with politicians that always makes injuries to sport. He fought in track with Lauda, Piquet, Mansell, Prost (eleven titles together) even Alesi was a very tough driver in Ferrari. We have to remember that Mansell and Prost deny the opportunity to Senna to be partners at Williams. Remember that in 1993 Senna signed contract with Mclaren race by race. Schumacher`s rival were: Hill, Villenueve, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Montoya, Raikkonen and Alonso (five titles together). The last two will write another chapter in F1 history. But the german hasnt have real oppostion. Is not german`s fault of course but that is the reason he is not the best, is really good one, but not the best. Of course I`m sure that not everybody will agree with me, but that is what I think.