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  1. Belgian Grand Prix Cancelled (again)

    Very dissapointing, it's always the most interesting cirucits that seem to be taken away. Let's hope these chances don't extend to changing the track in any way.
  2. Some of the time I was, when there was a boring race on he sometimes had interesting things to say, but not at other times. An example was at Suzuka in 1991 when Senna and Mansell were battling for second place and Mansell went off at turn one, which gave Senna the championship. James said 'What a sad way to end the championship battle'. I bet if Senna had gone off James and Murray would have been saying,'What a fantastic turnaround in the championship'. Their bias for the British drivers sometimes irked me a little.
  3. If you watch the video of that race at Donington you can hear Senna's traction control working like crazy, while Prost and the others were tiptoing around he knew that he could floor it and the traction control would do the rest. Another example of his great driving in the wet was his overtaking manouver on Mansell at Spa in 1985 on cold tyres when they'd just pitted for slick tyres.
  4. Hi all, I just joined here, looks like a good forum. Do people think that that the V8 engine rules for this year will make one team dominate? history tells us this might be the case with car changes, eg 1988 incomplete banning of turbos, and 1998 grooved tyres and narrower track, in both cases Mclaren dominated.