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  1. Pre-Season Testing

    Hello all, My two cents. It seems to me the Ferrari and Mercedes are going quicker than McLaren, RedBull quick and fragile, watch it Adrian! I'll say the Sauber is easier to use than the Renault, for now. And the spoiler could be Force India. Does any one know just how much different the STR 2010 is over the RedBull 2010, they say no chassis sharing but I just wonder what is different in those two.
  2. Brawns Should Be Parked

    Hello to all, If I may ask... Let's say for safety sake and not that I am up for this to happen. But let's just say that F1 teams where allowed to run their GP machines with no driver (remotely controlled) at a track with no spectators (in case of debris flying off to the grandstands). If they were allowed to open up the rule book and allow pretty much everything, any type of technology. What lap times would we be seeing at these tracks presently?
  3. Dod Nurburgring Gp

    hope he gives a real hard time to vettel so we get a good clean idea of that car
  4. Spanish Gp Race Thread

    Yeah!! a bone...
  5. Is There A Bmw F1.08 B?

    I believe there is if you consider what Kubica said in the press conference, "Yeah, I think this is much better than the Canada win with a car I think it is not a secret anymore, not the one from the beginning of the season."
  6. Is There A Bmw F1.08 B?

    Has Hinwil rolled out a B spec or a revised chassis after the debut of the BMW Sauber F1.08 in Australia? Thanks for any info.
  7. The Current Formula One Driver Market

    Ferrari cierra las puertas a Alonso El presidente de Ferrari, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, confirm
  8. The Current Formula One Driver Market

    F1 taught me that it really doesnt matter who goes to a Ferrari seat for '09 assuming there is one. But who ever goes better go in and dominate and Rakonnen has failed at that. I dont think Kimi is done but he need a team he can flow more with and I must think he might have a bit of a language barrier that would make things easier in an anglo team. While any fluent Italian speaking driver yes like both Kub and Alo could very well do.
  9. The Current Formula One Driver Market

    "Kimi is a fierce competitor, a highly talented racing driver and I wouldn't levy any criticism at him at all," Dennis said. With this quote Ron paves the way for Kimi back to Paragon, he will have a seat there for two yrs easy, aslong as he can remain -.5 sec from Lewis. Raikkonen will benefit from an English speaking team. Italian speaking latin drivers needed at Ferrari, Now. They must perform! Not to worry, Lewis will keep everyone honest. Mclaren must keep building a top ride.
  10. Champcar

    I wonder who will keep the 2007 champcar fleet of chassis and engines.
  11. Who Has The Best a## And Hips... Beyonce Or Shakira

    ................................................................................ .....
  12. Have Mclaren Backed The Wrong Horse?

    "Hamilton might have got close enough to Massa to challenge for the win at the end if McLaren had given him less fuel at the first stop. But it only became clear that long middle stints were not the way to go once some people experienced it; it wasn
  13. Hp Or Dell

    We own a HP laptop since early 2005 and we have had no issues with it. I'd go with it again.
  14. Does Kimi Break His Toys?

    you obviously have a point and I wouldn't disagree with you either, but the many engine failures even before the race where Kimi have had to start from the back of the grid and the fact that I was forever scarred by the engine failure hakkinen had while closing the gap to schumacher in the 2000 Indy GP right before my eyesleaves me to think twice about the mclaren drivetrain, furthermore it seems to me since the banning of beryllium incident mercedes (illmor) have been playing catch up to the other F1 engine manufacturers. What do you think?