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  1. Jv Return

    Just a thought, several rumors over the past weeks that JV may be returning to F1. Toro Rosso instead of Buemi? USF1 as experienced driver? Brawn F1?
  2. Brawn At Hearing?

    Listen to this, Ross Brawn mysterious 'sabbatical', Michael Schumacher's retirement. There may be a reason why they left soo fast, and RB and MS are back soo fast as well. I am not implying Michale had anything to do, but knowing, through the media how close these two people are, nothing would surprise me. Your thoughts?! Brian
  3. Toyota On Driver Hunt

    Glad to be back in the forums. Ralf Schumacher is having a terrible season. I believe what Toyota needs and has always needed is a type of veteran driver who would know how to manage the technical aspect as well as testing improvements. Some such drivers do exist: David Coulthard, Alexander Wurz, Pedro De La Rosa. However these drivers are all signed up for the present and the future with their respective teams. Now let me add the name of Jacques Villeneuve to that list of drivers, he however is not involved with any team in the moment and his sabatical includes time at home but also testing for the Peugeot Team in the Le Mans series. While he may not be able to win the championship anymore, JV could nevertheless fine-tune the car. I believe he could do a better job than Trulli, Nick Heidfeld and certainly Ralf. A brief summary: BAR-HONDA: Several disastrous seasons. JV improves car and as it reaches optimal point in season, they finish 2nd in Championship. RENAULT-F1: JV returns for 3 races in replacement of J.Trulli. Following season: RENAULT has top-notch car and wins 1st Championship for Alonso. Sauber Petronas: Struggles in early going, but out-duals teammate Massa in second half of season. BMW-Sauber: Clearly outduels NHeidfeld, helps car improvement, replaced by Kubica at mid-season. BMW F1: Car settings top-notch, the BAR-HONDA scenario repeats itself. Again, JV may not be a Champion again, but he certainly can help a team, a team like TOYOTA would need his help. They should sign him or else retire from the F1 Championship. Its a disgrace. Ted's view on the F1 world, from his view! I'm Ted Bird, CHOM Sports.
  4. Whats Next For JV. . .

    As Yan Lefort (JV`s assistant manager) explained this week, JV will reflect on his future and analyze his option for next year. F1 appears to remain in his focus and so do some potential seats. Look: 1. Fisichella is the only driver confirmed at Renault. Would Flavio, again, help JV`s career like he did a few years ago? 2. If Schum ever retires what are the odds of a JV-Kimi combo at Ferrari? 3. Honda. . . Never again. 4. At Mclaren, Ron Dennis might look for an experience driver to develop the new McLaren. Alonso-JV 1-2punch? 5. Red Bull: full. 6. If neither options materialize, there remains a Toro Rosso seat or even a Midland seat, given that they are for sale, and that a potential buyer is Mr.Craig Pollock. Plus, the team might develop faster given JV`s experience. How much is HE willing to sacrifice to remain in F1. . .
  5. Who Will Drive For Bmw-sauber Next Season

    There is a difference between being a competitive consistent driver and a fast driver. While Raikkonen and Button might be seen as fast drivers they still lack a notch before being top notch drivers. This is a quality JV has and I think NH lacks. . .
  6. Where Will JV Drive Next Season

    As I viewed the Monaco Grand Prix on French television RFO, a rumor said that in fact JV would probably not be back at BMW next year. Yet, strangely enough, the team that would retain his services would be a team like RBR. JV has said this past week that he wanted BMW to make up their mind and not wait till winter, because his own options would by the same token be diminishing. Moreover, the reporter claimed that a deal, a 2-year package, would be reached in mid-June thus potentially at the Canadian Grand Prix. The reporter added that we gathered from both DM and Toro Rosso
  7. Just give me ur perspective. . .
  8. JV's Future At BMW

    If he signs with another team...with who?! Toyota?!? Williams?!? Midland?!?
  9. Okay, so I posted a topic this morning, and got a lot of replies, good to know! From what I have figured out over the past weeks, it's certain that Mr.Thiessen does not care if JV does well, as long as BMW-Sauber F1 as a whole does well. Whereas on the other hand, JV MUST do well to stay in F1 for next season. However, one might wonder does JV need BMW more than BMW needs JV?! It actually is an interesting question.
  10. Dr. Thiessen And JV

    Following the quali incident with GF....has anyone heard Mario Thiessen defend his driver's point?!? Why didn't he appeal the FIA decision!?
  11. JV's Future At BMW

    Hey you F1 fans, hope you enjoyed this Nurburgring week end as much as I did. JV drove a great race, being in fron of both a RENAULT & a MCLAREN for some 15 laps!!! Finishing in fron of NH has become a habit. At the beginning of the year both were on equal pace and since they had the same amount of points, one could not distinguish between #1 and #2... However, as of the past two races, JV should DEFINITELY be considered the #1 driver, statistic-wise at least (Qualy, fastest laps, points). Yet, what does M.Thiessen say to a French journalist after the Euro GP? "Yes, Jacques had a good race, but we lost a position in the pits". Moreover, "Jacques' good results don't convince me to keep him next year. It only convices me to keep him for the next race..." Is this a tactic to get Villeneuve pumped up, and perform even more, I hope soo. If not, geeeez talk about team support! Way to go BMW-Motorsport.... Now, yes it might be true that these results may not garantee Newtown a seat for 2007, but it should be getting close to it! Brian
  12. To All Legitimate F1 Fans

    Dear F1 Fans, My name is Brian, I have been a legitimate f1 fan for more than 15 years. The annoucement made by Ferrari officials, following the Malaysian Grand Prix, I find disgraceful. Let me summarize: Since race #1 in Bahrain, it was known throughout the paddocks from interanal sources, that Ferrari was using a "illegal" set of front/rear wings. In Bahrain, this allowed Michael Schummacher to get a valuable 2nd position. I don't really trust 'internal sources' but when it was leaked in an interview published in Montreal that the internal source was actually Pat Symonds of Renault F1, my head was cleared of all doubts. Thus, Ferrari today acknowledged having used a technical peace of their car which violated a specific FIA 2006 Rule. I believe and I am sure many of you do, that if NO SANCTIONS are imposed, it will only show that Ferrari CAN and DOES get away with anything. A petition will be filled on the web from Spain and another should be filled in Canada as of March 21st. I thus demand taht those of you who feel the same make your voices heard, so that the ILLEGITAMITE points gained by Ferrari be taken away from them, given to other teams who DO NOT cheat. Always Working For A Legitimate Sport Brian