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  1. Australian Grand Prix Thread

    Didnt Hamilton overtake under yellow flags then? Cause there was yellows around for Senna I presume? And after he overtook him there was green light, so looked like yellow zone where overtake happened....? Good race - so far Strange decision from Button.
  2. Brawns Should Be Parked

    Top Quality post mate! Totally agree with what you said, and the problem with these knee jerk reactions is that people always want to scrutinise everything closer especially with the tragic events of last week. A prime example of people going the complete other way in response to anything was during Eduardo's horror leg break in the Premier League - lots of tackles would go unpunished, but for a month afterwards you saw a load of red cards for tackles that would not have been red. Formula 1 is a dangerous sport, as is any motor-racing but we have seen two freakish accidents in a week. I think people should be more thankful that safety has come such a long way that most of the terrible crashes we see mean the drivers walk away. You cant make something 100% safe, but the steps which have been taken to get to where we are undoubtedly saved Massa's life. We should be praising these achievements rather than openly condemning Brawn. I am sure the part could have fallen off anyones car, from any team, its a freak accident. Brawn took the right decision with compromising Jenson's qualifying by throughly checking out the car before letting him go out. That is the outfit they run - professional and safety focussed.
  3. Serious Formula 2 Accident

    Yes it is, its incredibly uncommon however it is possible to happen. It has just happened that Henry Surtees was in the wrong place at the wrong time and its the most unfortunate thing ever. I imagine that Wheel Tethers should be stronger in the series though as the wheel seemed to come off under low load to be honest. So I think we will see the FIA introduce far more important Wheel tethers that can keep the wheels on under far greater loads.
  4. Serious Formula 2 Accident

    That is very nasty - especially as it was the most harmless looking incident you will see. The thing is, how can you prevent such things happening in the future? Because the driver is most vulnerable at this point where there is little protection around the head from stray wheels. The chances of such a thing happening are so slim though that its the most unfortunate thing ever really....
  5. Quite interesting how quick the Red Bull is - I imagine a lot of its down to the fact Silverstone is a high speed circuit and low track temperatures means tyres work well on Red Bull which is probably a little harder on tyres than Brawn GP. Then again if Brawn GP is so light on its tyres then it wont generate the heat and grip to go quickly enough. Hard to read a lot into the times.... But I think Vettel is favourite to win for sure
  6. The Rot At Mclaren's Core

    Now I am a huge Mclaren and Hamilton fan - however whats come to light is inexcusable. He has lied, blatently and I think its ridiculous that Dave Ryan who worked there for 35 years has been made a scapegoat in all of this - thats company loyalty for you isnt it? Now whether or not Ryan instructed him to lie is purely academic because the team has that culture clearly. I think its a dreadful mistake, other teams have no doubt done this, but clearly not with such blatent lie. Now I think that (surprisingly) the FIA is saving Hamilton by saying that he was in an awkward position. Be that as it may he knew what was said and answered differently. The funniest thing in all of this is that the lie served no purpose. At worst they would have had 4th, and more likely with the truth would have got 3rd. So I cant understand why on earth they would lie - Can someone tell me what this accomplished? They were in the right by being unsure and protecting their place by letting Trulli through - so I cant understand why or how they thought this was a good idea!!!!
  7. Braziiiiiiiil

    What a great race - amazing! I am so happy now! What a great race really - never see that happen I think - won in the last corner. Someone said on Sky News: "18 races, 3600 miles and it comes down to the last 50 yards" So great!
  8. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    No yellow flag there - was at turns 1 and 2 - think the overtake was around turn 10 area? Coulthards car went off between 1 and 2 I think. Still Massa did hit Hamilton and take him out - that penalty was correct especially if he bounces off the track like that. Going down the pit opening to overtake Webber would be a joke of a penalty, then again had it been Hamilton I guess the FIA code on dangerous driving and driving along with pit exit would be invoked at a penalty given.
  9. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    I have a big issue with this - the only angle that would be useful is onboard. But Bourdais just took the corner and didnt go wide or hit him. If anything Massa was to blame - but what really annoys me is the penalties are so woefully inconsistent here. Take the penalty for Massa hitting Hamilton off the track - he got a drive through once the field had spread out massively. Hamilton got spun to last place - so Massa gained an advantage by spinning him out - and the punishment being so late meant the impact was less severe for Massa (allowing him to get the points). Whether or not Hamilton out braking himself was worthy of a penalty I dont know - I mean what did he get penalised for? This happens all the time - but you know fair enough. I just think that its so woefully inconsistent. Hamilton cuts a chicane and loses a net 8 points to Massa - Massa hits Hamilton out of the race and gains 2 points on Hamilton. Bourdais takes the corner and gets a 25 second penalty for taking the corner. I'm all for having penalties when people do things wrong - but there is a clear issue with the punishment fitting the crime. I think we've seen some massive inconsistency personally.
  10. Valencia Gp

    I still have a serious issue with the lack of a penalty for Massa. The rule is there for safety, but it seems now it can be openly flaunted which is ridiculous. Massa not getting a punishment is going to open a whole can of worms on this matter. Its actually quite concerning I think. FIA is really not consistent in its punishments - and look instead of discussing what a nice first Valencia race it was - we discuss FIA penalties or lack thereof. Its really messing with the sport...
  11. Valencia Gp

    Well, bit of a dull race. But its mighty dodgy that Massa escaped a penalty, as he didnt gain an advantage (Wtf?) but got fined 10,000 euros and reprimanded so clearly did do something wrong. Now Massa drove great, and deserved to win the race I dont deny that. But I have a REAL big big BIG issue with the FIA and how they handled this. We've seen the same situation and drivers get punished for this. Now the stewards are saying he didnt gain an advantage... BUT thats NOT what was being investigated was it? It was an UNSAFE release, and rules are rules - he was released in an unsafe way - thats plain for the whole world to see. Again Massa deserved the win, I am a Hamlton fan, he was second in this race. But I have a BIG issue with this decision as it means that teams will be more willing to release drivers into each other - the rule exists to protect those in the pitlane - a 50mph formula one car will bloody hurt you if it hits you - so we can see a car spin out in the pits cause of this. I just CANT understand F1
  12. Silverstone - The Race

    Great Race - Ferrari screwed that up very badly - yeah!!! I am happy Hamilton won - he drove the best today - so did Heidfeld and Barrichello! What a great weekend for the Brits
  13. Silverstone - The Race

    What an insane race crazy weather - really dodgy and fun race!
  14. Silverstone - The Race

    What the hell are Ferrari playing at with Raikkonens tyres?
  15. How can Raikkonen have been out for so long on the worn tyres? I dont understand that at all! This is surely Ferrari fell asleep ? What you think?