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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and I'm not sure if this topic has been done before. Sorry if it has, but I'm really curious to know. How do the new F1 cars perform in comparison to Indy or Champ cars on road courses? I believe that back when the F1s used V-10s, they raced on the same track as either Indy Cars or Champ Cars (after they broke up). I forget where, but I believe it was Australia. According to what I read, the F1s lapped on average about 6 seconds faster. I know that Indy cars were capable of higher top speeds in comparison to V-10 powered F1s but that they also accelerated slower and were not as quick through turns. How have things changed now that F1s have switched to smaller displacement V8s? Are F1 cars still the fastest in the world or have they now falled behind? I think I read somewhere that Indy Cars aren't very well suited to road racing since they primarily race on ovals. So I would imagine that F1s still lap faster. But what about Champ cars? I believe they still have turbos, use methanol fuel and use 2.65-liter V8s. I think they produce 850 horsepower. I think they also race on road courses more often in comparison to Indy cars. So are they now faster than the new F1s?
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