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  1. Horner: RB3 A Big Step Forward

    but when is Newey following Kimi to Ferrari?
  2. Poll: Most Important Factor In Winning The Wdc?

    this year team, next year driver!
  3. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    But he is not dull. Seriously. People who think that Kimi is dull and Fernando is really interesting personality, should take a second look.
  4. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    Well, you expect them to let Fernando pass Fisichella in race, which actually also happened
  5. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    Last year it was all Kimi's fault, and his 'lack of mechanical sympathy', that Mclaren didn't last. Now when it is happening to Alonso, it is all Renault's fault. Oh boy this is funny
  6. Alonso: Is Nothing Good Enough For Him?

    Alonso had to change his front tyres. Because they were dangerously worn. His odd driving style really wears the front tyres, so there was no possibility to continue with the old ones.
  7. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    Only 2 more races and nightmare is over. Once again Kimi lost the win because of the engine. Only one who could answer to Kimi's speed in rain was Fernando, and considering how bad HE drove with bad pair of tyres, the win for Kimi would have been obvious. But, like I said, only 2 more races, and it is over!!!
  8. Alonso, Raikonnen Or Neither?

    That's interesting. So what do you think Kimi is? A robot? Alien?
  9. The Best Drivers In The Rain????

    yep, that Renault certainly is great car. So kudos for Renault engineers.
  10. The Best Drivers In The Rain????

    Don't know about those eggs, but Pedro is going to have Kimi's shower on his face, according to the starting grid
  11. The Best Drivers In The Rain????

    what... Kimi said himself in national tv broadcast, that he was informed by team to let Pedro pass because he was faster at that moment. Stop making up things like that.
  12. Michael May Continue Testing...

    that's just not true. You just made it up. Kimi is actually known from ability to give very accurate information about car behaviour. He can say exactly, where for example grip problem exists, is it tyres, aerodynamics, or combination of some things. What Ferrari has said, is that they don't exactly know about Kimi's ability as tester. Everything they know they have heard from Sauber (kimi's rookie year team) If you ask Mclaren engineers, they will tell the truth. Kimi is not a mechanic, but he is a driver who can give probably the most accurate feedback about car behaviour in F1.
  13. 2007 World Champion?

    Well, you just keep going I would say, that bad tyres is best excuse you can have in today's formula one. About team mates--Mclaren's policy has always been to buy the best team mates money can buy. Something that doesn't happen in Ferrari. Montoya wasn't paid millions of dollars just to be rubbish team mate, neither did he seem that way in Williams. It is not Kimi's fault if the team mates look 'rubbish' when compared to him.
  14. 2007 World Champion?

    I must comment this. At Hungary he had bad pair of tyres, that's why he was slow AT THAT MOMENT. At the beginning of the race hi was fast, with different tyres. He also took the pole. About the car: Even if Kimi is driving poles and dominating it doesn't mean Mclaren would have great car-you must compare to his team mate. Renault and Ferrari have great cars. No matter who is driving them. Just look at the championship points.
  15. 2007 World Champion?

    Well, I think that Mclaren hasn't been much more than honda during last years. It's just been Kimi's performance, that has kept them in the spotlight. In the 2000's Kimi has been fighting for world championship untill the last race with a car, that has been worse than his rivals. Just compare performance between Kimi and his team mates. Without him there wouldn't been many news about Mclaren... Now he will get a car, that is obviously best in F1. Which means that with Kimi's skills the season may be quite boring