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  1. The Rot At Mclaren's Core

    If Hamilton is not a liar, then why didn't he tell the stewards the truth? Or are saying that Hamilton said what he said because he's a team player, and he just listens to orders. But lying is lying, there's not exceptions to lying. I think it's funny what he said in here: Hamilton: I am not a liar or a dishonest person, I am a team player. Every time I have been informed to do something, I have done it. If he said that, then why didn't he listen to Ron Dennis when Ron Dennis told him to move over for Alonso back in 2007, and I guess telling Ron Dennis to F a shovel is also being a team player. He made the decision not to listen to Ron Dennis that time, why didn't he make the decision not to listen Dave Ryan? You said Hamilton is not a liar, end of topic. I think Hamilton is a liar, end of topic.
  2. Hamilton/trulli Controversy Re-opened?

    I think the punishment is fair. It's not only just Lewis, but the McLaren team lied. Lewis told the stewards that Trulli pass him, he didn't let Trulli by. McLaren didn't did tell their end of the story by telling that they told Lewis to let Trulli by. I think it's the best decision that the stewards made in a long, long, long time.
  3. Mclaren Hits Back

    I think this is a bunch of Bull Crap. NS doing the right deed by telling MC that Ferrari has a movable floor. He think it's cheating. Ferrari's wing was flexing last year or the year before. NS blew the whistle there too? Bull Crap. As I know, McLaren and Ferrari's are rival. You think Ron Dennis will be a gentleman about Ferrari's dirty secrets. Hell NO! But I have to give it to Ron Dennis for coming up with this great story, and like Eric said. Doesn't matter if McLaren did it or not. With Lewis H driving for them and leading the championship, McLaren will get away with anything.
  4. You're saying shame on Ferrari for using tactics to distract McLaren. Why don't say shame on McLaren for stealing Ferrari data? Anyway BradSpeedMan is right, sick and tired of these BS thread.
  5. Lifelong Mclaren Fan Totally Fed Up.

    I agree with all of the above except for the second one. How do we know that McLaren was unaware of Couglan's possession? McLaren claims that they were unaware. No one will admit that they cheated if they know that there's a chance that they might get away with it. Also Ron suspended Couglan after it was exposed to the media. I'm not saying that what I'm saying are correct, just stating the possibilities.
  6. No Penalty For Mclaren

    This is just bull crap. When Toyota was blamed for using Ferrari's data, it's a big deal. Now McLaren is found guilty with the possession of Ferrari data, they try to push it off as nothing. Why? Is it because if the McLaren are found guilty and their points stripped off then there's no one else to contend against the Ferrari's in the World Championship? That's just stupid. F1 is more of politics and business then motorsports. Dumb!
  7. Toyota's problem is Toyota itself. Being a Toyota fan I'm ashamed of their performance but they're still my team. Toyota Corp in Japan still control what goes on in Germany therefore it leads to problem. Toyota employs a lot of individuals for their F1 team, but most of them are paper pusher. Their biggest mistake ever is to let Mike Gascoyne go. Honda is just under bad management. I think they should had fired Nick Fry a long time ago.
  8. Who Would Win In A Fight?

    How about this, who do you guys think would win in a between these: Kimmi VS Alonso Massa VS Lewis I say Alonso. He looks tough to me. I think Massa looks like a cry baby so I think Lewis would beat him in a fight.
  9. Hamilton On Michael Schumacher

    Briatore got Alonso the drive at Minardi and then took him to Renault. He broke the record by being the youngest GP winner at Renault. He became the youngest World Drivers Champion at Renault. Alonso became who he is now at Renault. But who is he driving for now, McLaren. Does that make Alonso cheap and a sellout?
  10. Bahrain Prediction

    Predict who you think the top 8 finishers are. Why top 8? Because it's the points paying position. We all know the top teams are going to win the GP (Ferrari, McLaren), but for some other teams. Getting points is good enough. Here's my prediction 1. Kimmi 2. Massa 3. Alonso 4. Kubica 5. Hamilton 6. Heifeld 7. Rosberg 8. Kovaleinen
  11. Malaysia Prediction

    I was thinking about starting a tradition here. Like at the beginning of every race, we start a thread like this and predict who's the TOP 8 finisher. (Just the TOP 8 please, we all know who the back runners are) So who do you guys think the top 8 for Malaysia will be, and guys. This is for fun so there's no need to bash anyone about their opinion. The winner can get an applaud from the rest. For me 1. Kimi - I think Ferrari is blowing smoke about his engine problem 2. Massa 3. Alonso 4. Hamilton 5. Kubica 6. Kovalainen - I just think he got what it takes to be a top driver 7. Rosberg - I think this guy can be the next WDC if he's in a top team 8. Ralf Shumacher
  12. The 4 Mirrored Mclaren???

    How about this one Some of the mirrors are positioned to reflect sun light into the eye of the driver in rear so that they can't pass or cause them to crash! Yes? No?
  13. Malaysia Prediction

    So far here's the result 4 for Kimmi 3 for Massa 1 for Alonso 1 for Hamilton Ferarri 7 and McLaren 2 A lot of people are favoring the Ferarri's and even though Alonso is the the 2X WDC, people think that he has the same chance of winning the grand prix as Hamilton. Interesting.
  14. Why Does Alonso Never Overtake?

    Even though I don't like Alonso very much, but I have to disagree that he does not do much over taking. In 2005 at Australia, he was all the way in the back and fought all the way up to 3rd. Last year at one of the race when it was pouring. He passed up MS on the out side. Alonso in the past has started from the back was passing people left and right to gain back his position. Although his attitudes sucks outside of the race track, but he's one fast driver.
  15. Malaysia Prediction

    You know when you said Merc, I was thinking of Mercury the car company owned by Ford. But I do agree that Mercedes reliability has gotten better.
  16. Malaysia Prediction

    Well McLaren is known to let their leading driver down. Look at Kimi for the past 5 years. If his engine would had held together, he probably would had won the WDC twice already. Well Alonso can only hope that he doesn't have Kimi's bad luck.
  17. Malaysia Prediction

    Well it's all just a prediction so everything is possible. I think it's cool to see other's opinion and what they think the field is going to be.
  18. Malaysia Prediction

    No Kimi or Alonso, I'm guessing that you're saying that they're going to take each other out on the first corner
  19. Spyker Will Protest Customer Cars

    I think that Spyker and Williams has the right to protest. If you think about, a team with limited budget like spyker can design their own chasis, then why can't other teams. But the main thing is that, it's illegal to have customer chasis.
  20. Symonds Comes To Kovalinen's Defence

    Maybe true, but Hamilton and Sutil are not replacing a race seat of a former 2 time world champion. Sutil is coming into a team that's basically brand spanking new so why should there be any pressure. Lewis Hamilton is replacing JPM and is being compared to Alonso which makes him the under dog. As an under dog, you'll never have to live up to any expectation. Hamilton is good, but he still made a couple of rookie mistake like running off course. I think Hamilton is good, but he's a wimp. If you guys can recall Brazil 2006. Hamilton said that it was good that he DIDN'T debut at Brazil because it was a track that he has never went to before and it could had hurted his F1 career. If you're a true racer, you wouldn't care.
  21. Ps3

    Damn, that's just too funny
  22. Ps3

    I think the PS3 with the blue ray is bargain. I don't know about other countries, but here in the US. Blue Ray player cost around $1,000. So if you're getting a PS3, you're getting a game station and a blue ray player for $600 which is a bargain for me. I heard that the new F1 game will be from the same maker of Gran Turismo so I think it's going to be exciting. The bad thing about the PS3 is that it just doesn't have that much games.
  23. F1 Night Race

    It's different, but I still think it's kind of dumb. What's the point of having a night race when you're going to lit the whole track up? Might as well just have it in the day. If they're going to put lights on the car and have a night race then that's different.
  24. What Is Your Favourite Track?

    I know Suzuka, Japan isn't on the F1 map anymore, but it top my list of F1 favorite tracks.
  25. Mark Webber

    Ohhh so it was sticky throttle and MASSIVE UNDERSTEER that caused him to spun out in the pitlane entry. Silly me, I thought it was his driving.