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  1. If Hamilton is not a liar, then why didn't he tell the stewards the truth? Or are saying that Hamilton said what he said because he's a team player, and he just listens to orders. But lying is lying, there's not exceptions to lying. I think it's funny what he said in here: Hamilton: I am not a liar or a dishonest person, I am a team player. Every time I have been informed to do something, I have done it. If he said that, then why didn't he listen to Ron Dennis when Ron Dennis told him to move over for Alonso back in 2007, and I guess telling Ron Dennis to F a shovel is also being a team player. He made the decision not to listen to Ron Dennis that time, why didn't he make the decision not to listen Dave Ryan? You said Hamilton is not a liar, end of topic. I think Hamilton is a liar, end of topic.
  2. I think the punishment is fair. It's not only just Lewis, but the McLaren team lied. Lewis told the stewards that Trulli pass him, he didn't let Trulli by. McLaren didn't did tell their end of the story by telling that they told Lewis to let Trulli by. I think it's the best decision that the stewards made in a long, long, long time.
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